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The Ultimate Guide to Better Sex for Men Over 40

Studies have shown that most men hit their sexual peaks somewhere in their 20s. This might lead you to believe that sex for men after 40 must not be as good as it used to be. But this isn’t always the case! While you might not have a sex life that is as active as it…
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Penis Length vs Penis Girth: Which Do Women Prefer?

Do you ever wonder what women find most attractive in a man? Well, if you’re talking about penis size, the answer might surprise you. For example, in one study, several women noted that size (both penis girth and length) mattered more in one-time partners than when…
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The Effect of Porn on Your Erections

5% to 8% of people worldwide are addicted to porn. You don’t have to be addicted to porn to experience negative effects either. The general effect of porn on your erections can be very damaging. Watching porn is a common hobby that most men do. But how does the…
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