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Genetics? Masturbation? What Determines Penis Size

When you’re a man, bigger is better. Men who are tall, strong, and boast large love organs are considered more manly than their counterparts. This begs the question, what makes some men sprout anacondas and other garter snakes? It’s not as simple as what…
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The Strangest Penises in the Animal Kingdom

If you’ve been to the zoo or a farm, you’ve probably already seen some weird animal willies. But the strangest ones out there are hidden from the inquisitive eye. Animal evolution has led to some interesting reproductive strategies. From zombie penises to penis…
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The Unexpected Benefits of Prostate Massage

A lot of guys get a bit squeamish when you mention the prostate. But trust us, this walnut-sized organ found near the rectal opening can be nearly as fun as the penis itself—just a little stimulation and bam, an intense, unforgettable orgasm. What’s even more…
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