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Is Stonehenge About Shadow Sex?

Stonehenge was erected before written history. Over 4,000 years after it was built, all we can do is speculate as to why these ancient people worked so hard to arrange boulders in the middle of a field. There are a lot of theories that we enjoy. From Stonehenge…
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Fun facts

Baby Is Born With 3 Pensises

A baby in Iraq has made history. At the end of last year, a baby boy was born with a record-breaking three penises. I know, that means that other babies have been born with two penises…but more on that later.The question I think we all want to know is…
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Male Enhancement Exercises

Does Your Penis Hang At An Angle? Here’s Why

Dicks are like snowflakes—each one is unique. Size, shape, angle, and color all come together to create an organ uniquely yours. So, what is it that makes your penis look the way it does? Is it because of how you sleep? Where is it tucked in during the day? Or…
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