Sex life

Intense Sexual Sensations: How to Be Amazing at Erotic Foreplay

Many people are interested in having a longer list of techniques to bring to bear during foreplay. In fact, studies have found that men and women bothwant longer foreplaythan they often experience during a typical sexual experience. At the same time, not…
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Men's Health

How to Maintain an Erection and Please Your Partner All Night Long

In recent years, surveys have suggested thatmore than one-thirdof people aren’t happy with their sex lives. They’ve also shown that about one in six people report almost never being sexually satisfied by their partners. Do you suspect you may not…
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Penis Enhancement

What Is the Most Effective Way to Grow Your Penis?

45% of menreport feeling dissatisfaction with the size of their penis. So it should be no wonder many men are looking for ways to increase their penis girth, length, or both. If you want to grow your penis size, you have options. Companies havedeveloped penis…
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