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Pain & Pleasure—Why Pain Feels So Good During Sex

Sex feels great. There’s not much that feels better than an orgasm. But have you ever thought about how strange it is that pain can heighten arousal when you’re going hot and heavy? Many women—and some men, too—like being choked, having their hair pulled, or…
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5 Surefire Ways to Last Longer In Bed

Getting off too quickly sucks…not only for you, but for your partner, too. Whether you’re in a relationship or enjoying an evening with a new lover, the last thing you want to do is leave her feeling bored and unsatisfied. Not if you want it to happen again…
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Wu-Tang Clan Rapper Proves You Don’t Need a Penis to Find Love

You might recall the incident. Back in 2014, Wu-Tang Clan rapper Andre Johnson (AKA Christ Bearer) chopped his own penis off in a drug-fueled craze. Doctors were unable to reconnect his dick, leaving a partial penis in its place. With a mutilated johnson…
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