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How Expensive Is Penis Enlargement Surgery?

Cosmetic surgeries are becoming increasingly popular. For guys, the most common surgery is penile enhancement surgery. There’s no question why—women like a bigger penis. And if you’re born with a garter snake rather than an anaconda, it’s hard not to want…
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Can Vibrators Make Her Less Sensitive?

I’m all about anything that can bring extra pleasure. But what if something is amazing for the short term but harmful in the long run? That’s a common concern with vibrators. Many people, men and women, worry that women are risking long-term desensitization for…
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5 Ways to Increase Penis Sensitivity

Decreased sexual sensation is common, but it’s not inevitable. Hormone changes, injury, and even poor masturbation techniques can all lead to a penis that’s less sensitive. With decreased sensation comes decreased pleasure, and that’s not something anyone wants. If…
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