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Penis Fillers for Added Girth—Do They Really Work?

Plastic surgery started out very hush-hush. You would hear people whisper about someone getting butt fat injected into their lips…but you would never hear said person admit to it. These days, people seem almost proud of their cosmetic enhancements. Instagram…
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Do Penis Pumps Work?

There’s probably nothing more embarrassing than a new lover discovering a penis pump. The elongated tube with the pumping device is pretty hard to cover up and pretend it’s something else. Even Austin Powers wanted to keep his penis pumping habits secret. In front of…
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Exercise - It Doesn’t Only Make Your Muscles Harder

Men work for years to fine-tune how to get women to sleep with them. Your solution might be a healthy marriage, a padded wallet, or a genuine interest in the women that you meet. Once you’ve figured out what works for you, the last thing that you want is a penis…
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