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Yoga for Better Sex: 7 Poses That'll Boost Your Sex Drive

Yoga for Better Sex: 7 Poses That’ll Boost Your Sex Drive A low libido is never fun but there are solutions you can try to get it back up again – literally. Learn about yoga for better sex and the poses you should try. Keyword(s): yoga for better sex Any…
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How to Keep Your Swimmers Swimming

For most of a guy’s life, the fear is accidentally getting someone pregnant. But once you settle down and prepare to start a family, the concern may shift. Especially if you spent most of your 20’s and 30’s out on the town. One out of every 6 couples struggles…
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The Best Lube for Every Occasion—Your Guide to Picking the Right One

Using the right lube makes a huge difference. The right lube can ensure that your condom doesn’t break, or that a first-time anal session goes well—and trust me, if you want there to be a second anal exploit, you can’t mess up the first one. There’s a wide…
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