How to Gain Male Confidence Regardless of Penis Size

Male confidence is often linked to penis size, but it isn’t completely dependent on it. Here’s how to grow your confidence and learn to love what you have.

Do you struggle with insecurities about the size of your penis?

If you answered yes, then it may help to know that you’re not alone.

According to CNN News, almost half of all men are not satisfied with the size of their male parts. The number of women who claim satisfaction with their partner’s size jumps to a higher percentage but still falls well below 100%.

The correlation between male confidence and the penis is not a new phenomenon. Most men begin to equate their masculinity to size, girth, and overall appearance during their youth. Often, we are sizing up our manhood according to our measurements before reaching puberty.

For many men, the fear of not measuring up follows us into adulthood. And, it has been proven to impact male confidence to varying degrees. It can significantly reduce our self-confidence and affect our sexual performance.

Wonder how to boost your self-image in and out of the bedroom?

Read on to learn how to feel better about yourself, no matter how big or small your penis might be!

The Naked Truth about the Size of Your Penis

Many men spend a lifetime wondering how they compare “down there”.

A worldwide study reveals answers to some of the most common questions that have been swirling around in men’s heads for decades.

Although they may or may not put your fears to rest, these facts offer a stiff dose of reality.

Does Size Really Matter to Women?

If you’re anything like the average guy, you’ve always wanted to know the answer to this question.

Some of us may not like it, but here’s the cold hard statistics.

According to almost 80% of women (a total of 78.6% of the respondents) size does matter.

But, it might not matter as much as you think. 67.4% of the women who participated claim that size only somewhat matters. And a mere 11.2 ranked size as “very important”.

Also worth noting is that around 1 in 5 of those surveyed say that size doesn’t carry any importance. So, even those with the most challenging measurements can still please a proportionate amount of women out there.

The Perception vs The Ideal Penis Size

Overall, most respondents said that their perception of the actual average penis doesn’t match their ideal. Although, the male’s “ideal” was one of loftier aspirations than those females surveyed.

The average penis length was perceived by women to be 13.8 centimeters, while men believed their parts averaged a lengthier 14.1 centimeters.

Women cited 15.8 centimeters as their “ideal length”, while men reported that their ideal penis would reach 16.6 centimeters.

How to Boost Male Confidence Despite Your Measurements

The data above is not likely to offer much reassurance for your male confidence if you happen to fall into the category of those less-endowed. Still, the struggle for reassurance shouldn’t be based on measurements alone.

If you have anxiety about how you measure up, take heart. There is hope even for those who are genetically blessed down there.

In fact, all men can increase their confidence level with these simple suggestions.

1. Avoid Depression By Giving Yourself a Reality Check

The statistics mentioned in the study give little insight into what a real man’s penis looks like. Knowing the truth about the common penis may help you to breathe a little easier.

The average penis measures just 5.1 inches (or around 13 cm) when erect. If flaccid, that number drops to 3.5 inches.

Although some sources claim that the average is closer to 6 inches erect, most of us are probably a lot closer to the norm than we might have guessed.

So, give yourself and your penis a break. Let go of the belief that most men’s penises are super-human in length when compared to your own.

2. Make the Most of What You Have

The secret to satisfying your partner is less reliant on the size of your penis than you (or they) may believe.

Almost any man can achieve sexual satisfaction with their female lover if they know the right tricks, given that she has the ability to reach orgasm.

Here are some pointers for improved satisfaction, regardless of your size:

  • Focus on clitoral stimulation techniques
  • Practice proven positions for increased satisfaction
  • Never underestimate the power of foreplay

3. Try an All Natural Program that Guarantees Results

There are plenty of options for enlarging your penis. Penis pumps, manual manipulation, herbs, and pills promise to grow your manparts fast.

But, many of these only offer temporary results. On top of that, they could inhibit spontaneity and even hurt your sex life.

Furthermore, some of these methods can affect men’s sexual performance and their health. At times, men have reported consequences that prohibited them from being able to get an erection entirely. Think twice before popping pills.

Look for products with proven results, such as Phalogenics. It’s one of the most effective yet all natural solutions available. And the results are guaranteed to maximize your penis’s size, no matter your size when you start their program.

Want to Boost Your Confidence While Reaching Your Penis Potential?

You don’t have to suffer from penis envy any longer. Taking steps to improve your body image can lead to a healthier, happier outlook on life.

Maintaining a realistic perspective and keeping an open mind can help maximize your potential. You’ll feel better about yourself and enjoy a fulfilling sex life. Phalogenics can increase male confidence and boost your performance in the sheets.

Practicing a combined approach is likely to be the most effective route to achieving your best sense of self.

With our proven program to extend your penis size, you can enjoy a greater male confidence and have the size that you’ve always wanted.

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