Men with a small penis often worry about being enough to satisfy their partner. With these hot kama sutra positions, will help you (and your partner) have mind-blowing sex that’ll prove size isn’t everything.

If you have a small penis you’ve probably struggled with how to satisfy your partner during sex. Size isn’t everything, and much of what pleases your partner is how you use what you’ve been given.

There’s a reason the Kama Sutra has been popular for thousands of years. It works.

There are a number of sex positions in the book that can help you please your partner and spice up your love life. No matter how fit you are or how flexible she is, there’s bound to be a few that work for you both.

Curious about how this ancient sex book can help you? You’re about to find out which Kama Sutra positions can make even a small penis feel amazing.

Congress of the Cow

One of the best positions from the Kama Sutra for guys with small penises, this doesn’t require any penetration. The Congress of the Cow is a very intimate position that allows both people to feel physically closer. It’s focused on oral pleasure and similar to what’s colloquially called the “69” position.

Both partners lie on their side with their heads facing each others’ genitals. The man arouses the woman by performing oral and stimulating the woman’s clitoris.

For most women, oral sex is a pleasurable part of being with their partner. With this technique, you don’t have to worry about if she’s satisfied when you’ve finished. Pay attention to signals from her body to see what works for her.

Splitting of Bamboo

The well-known missionary position is anything but boring. With the right technique, it can be one of the most erotic Kama Sutra positions.

Kick it up a notch by having your partner place her left leg against your chest. When you enter her, thrust in a way that allows your pubic bone to rub against her clitoris. For deeper penetration, use pillows to prop up her lower body.

The Plow Pose

This small penis sex position is also known as the “Pile Driver“.

Lay your partner on her back and try to get her legs over her head as far as possible. You can help keep her in position by taking hold of her buttocks and lifting slightly. She can also bend her knees slightly to make it easier.

Then, you enter her from above at a speed and depth that you control. Bonus: this position increases blood flow to the pelvic area, making for the best orgasm for her.

The Butterfly

Ready to take your lovemaking to the next level? This position is a more exciting variation and calls for a bit more work. However, both of you will find after you try it that it’s worth the effort.

It’s a tilted angle that works great for stimulating the G-spot and hard to reach areas.

Either a bed or a table works for this position. Make sure the surface is a bit lower than the level of your penis. Have your partner lay on her back.

Now lift her buttocks and tilt her lower body until she’s at the right level for you to enter her. For a tighter fit, have her squeeze her thighs together.

The Sphinx

One of the more sexy Kama Sutra positions, the Sphinx provides pelvic stimulation and pressure for the woman. Have your partner lie on her stomach with one leg bent to the side. Enter her from behind, making sure to keep your weight on your arms.

The pressure of your body won’t be too heavy but will provide just enough pleasure on her end. The stimulation of thrusting will also provide an arousing sensation.

Woman on Top

For most women, one of their favorite sex positions is woman on top. It gives the highest chance of G-spot stimulation. What’s more, it gives you a break from having to do too much work.

There’s the ideal amount of pressure on the clitoris for your woman. She can control how deep you go and what angle your penis enters her at. It’s a great opportunity to observe the way she moves as well so you know what feels best for her.

If you’re prone to premature ejaculation this position can also help as there’s less stimulation for you.

Reverse Cowgirl

The reverse cowgirl is a variation of woman on top. It also allows a woman to control the speed and penetration level.

In this position, you lie on your back and your partner mounts you with her back to your face. The wider she spreads her legs, the deeper access you’ll have and the more pleasurable it becomes.

You can get involved by gripping her waist and by thrusting upwards. Try different speeds to see what works best.

Doggy Style

Both men and women love doggy style for the opportunity it presents for deeper penetration.

Your partner can stand or kneel, keeping her knees spread and bending her elbows. Have her curve her back as much as she can for maximum access to her vagina.

Doggy style is one of the more versatile positions from the Kama Sutra. Another version you can try is having your partner on her stomach totally flat and her legs squeezed together. When you enter her, thrust inwards and upwards.

Grind It

Just as important as the position is the type and motion of thrust that you use.

Sexologists recommend ditching the boring in and out motion you may be used to. The ideal motion is either a swivel or grinding motion. Every woman is different, but this gives you a better chance of hitting the right spot.

Incorporate Kama Sutra Positions in Your Sex Life

In addition to trying new positions, you can also incorporate toy use into your routine. A non-threatening toy like a clitoral pump takes the pressure off you and focuses on your partner’s pleasure.

Kama Sutra positions may not work for your partner in the long term. For a long-lasting solution, read about the science behind our penile enhancement program. Using it may provide you with a bigger penis, harder erections, and more enjoyable sex.

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