I’m all about anything that can bring extra pleasure. But what if something is amazing for the short term but harmful in the long run?

That’s a common concern with vibrators. Many people, men and women, worry that women are risking long-term desensitization for short-term ecstasy.

But is it true? We’re going to set the record straight once and for all.

Don’t Trust the Anti-Pleasure Propaganda

Have you ever heard the old-wive’s tale that masturbation stunts penis growth? 

Yeah, it’s not true. And neither is the myth that self-pleasure with a vibrator is going to make a woman’s clit numb and permanently damaged.

Both of these ideas stem from our culture’s anti-sex and anti-pleasure roots. The idea of women pleasuring themselves made people so uncomfortable that the ludicrous rumor of vibrator-induced vaginal damage spread far and wide. 

The sad part? Even though we’ve known that this wasn’t true for decades, a lot of women still miss out on something that’s a lot of fun due to misinformation.

But Can a Vibrator Make Sex Less Enjoyable?

Another extension of this fear-of-sex ideology is that vibrators ruin real sex…That using a vibrator could lead to an inability to orgasm without one.

Not only is this idea untrue, but the opposite may hold greater validity. 

See, orgasming is harder for women than it is for men. For some women, the only way they can learn how to orgasm is with a tool designed with that intent: the vibrator.

After the body figures out how to orgasm, it’s typically easier to do so again, even without the initial tool.

Plus, many women are only able to cum with clitoral stimulation…especially if their lover isn’t well-endowed. In this case, a vibrator may be the only way to please her and have her coming back for more.

Another Way to Help Her Get There

Whether or not you’re down to bring a vibrator into bed with you and your lover(s), there’s another way to boost her satisfaction…

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