Getting off too quickly sucks…not only for you, but for your partner, too. 

Whether you’re in a relationship or enjoying an evening with a new lover, the last thing you want to do is leave her feeling bored and unsatisfied. Not if you want it to happen again, that is. 

Fortunately, anyone can last longer. So long as you can get hard, you have what it takes to satisfy your paramour. 

Let’s explore 5 ways to extend your erections for a more fulfilling sex life.

1. Slow Down

Slow and steady wins the race. If you know you have a problem lasting, don’t jack-hammer your way to completion. Let your partner know that you want to take it slow. Think intimacy rather than hard-core getting it on. Caress, kiss, and enjoy slow sex until it’s time to finish.

2. Get Off Earlier in the Day

You’re more likely to last longer if you’ve already orgasmed that day. If you’re about to go on a date or hit the club, masturbate before you go. This takes some of the edge off, as it calms your sexual urge to something more manageable.

3. Use a Condom

Let’s be honest. Most men do whatever they can to avoid having to wear a condom. They’re not the most comfortable, and they reduce sensation. 

But here’s the thing…
If you’re cumming too soon, you need to reduce sensation. Using a condom not only protects from pregnancy and STDs, but it also nearly guarantees a longer sexual encounter by taking the sensation down a couple of notches.

4. Practice Holding Out When Masturbating

This step is a must if you have a hard time lasting. When masturbating, practice edging, which is where you feel like you’re about to get there and then back off. 

Every day, even multiple times per day, carve out some time to practice getting close and stopping. Push yourself by watching something that makes it harder. Over time, you’ll get better at controlling yourself.

5. Return to Foreplay

Oral sex, fingering, and anal play are fun before or during sex. When you feel yourself getting close, take a break and use it as an excuse to tease and pleasure your lover. Go down on her, kiss her neck, or use a sex toy on her. That way, you calm down but you keep her going.

Other Ways to Keep Her Coming Back for More

No woman wants to have sex only for it to end within a few seconds or minutes. Once you’ve conquered your orgasm, it’s time to concentrate on other ways to keep her satisfied. 

One of the best ways to keep lovers coming back is to ensure that they have a good time. Studies have proven what men have known for decades—women prefer a larger penis. 

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