You see your lover sitting with her friends, drinking and chatting. Suddenly, they erupt in laughter…and you swear they keep looking over at you. 

Every man has experienced this at one time or another. And it’s pretty unsettling. What, exactly, are the chances that the chorus of laughter wasn’t somehow at your expense?

This is when your mind starts running. What have you recently done that’s embarrassing? Maybe it’s your new haircut? Or your shirt? You knew it wasn’t the best option, but all of your other clothes were dirty.

But what if…they’re talking about sex? Your personal sex life…the one you want to stay between the two of you (unless she’s down for a threeway, that is).
So, just what are the chances that your wife, girlfriend, or friend-with-benefits has told their friends every detail of your sex life? Including…the size of your penis?

Do Women Really Talk About Penis Size?

Do you remember the last Earth-shattering sex that you had? And the last sexual disaster? Chances are you shared some details of those nights with the guys…unless the disaster was caused by a limp dick or other personal problem. 

Women are the same. The fact is, when women get together, they too talk about sex. The good, the bad. The sexy, the ugly.

Now, whether or not they discuss penis size is going to vary by woman, and by situation. 

Are you packing a jaw-dropping member? Chances are all of your woman’s friends know, no matter if you’re a casual fling or a forever husband. 

But if you’re average or small, it could go either way. 

If a woman is in a happy relationship, chances are she’ll say only positive things about your sex life. So if she’s pleased with the size of your junk, she’ll share. If not, she’ll probably keep that fact to herself. 

But if a woman is having casual sex, she’s much more likely to talk. There isn’t the same risk of hurting someone or having the gossip get back to the man. 

Another group of women that talk about a small penis are those who aren’t happy in their relationships. They might be airing their complaints, whether that’s dirtiness, a poor diet, rude behavior, or a small dick.

Should You Be Embarrassed?

Guys with big dicks want women to talk about it. Who doesn’t like a good reputation? But guys with small or average penises aren’t going to be as happy.

If you’re worried about what’s being said about you, there are only two things you can do. The first is to let it go. The gossip doesn’t change the situation, so try not to let it bother you. The second? Do something to make it bigger

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