Penis Questions

The Answers to 7 Penis Questions You Should Know

Everyone has penis questions they haven’t asked yet. No need to be embarrassed. We’ll answer 7 questions about your penis that you should know the answer to.

Guys, let’s have a quick chat. It’s about your penis. It’s almost shocking how little people seem to know about their own anatomy.

But it’s your body, and you should understand how it functions and what is and isn’t normal.

We know it’s an embarrassing topic, but you’d be surprised at how many people have penis questions that they’re afraid to ask.

And while you could spend hours and hours worrying or guessing, you deserve some peace of mind. That’s where we come in.

Ready to learn more? We’re here to help you out and break down 7 of the most common penis questions we come across each and every day.

1. Am I Big Enough?

We’ll start by tackling the biggest (no pun intended) question that we get. So are you big enough?

According to most studies, the answer is a resounding yes. On average, the penis is about 3.61 inches flaccid and 5.16 inches erect.

Even if you feel that you measure a bit on the small side, chances are you’re fine. The odds of having a legitimate micropenis are quite slim.

Scientists have spent decades researching penis length and its correlation to sexual satisfaction. One study suggests that attraction comes from more than just the size of one’s penis. In truth, it’s only a part of the whole package, as elements like height and body shape matter as much.

So don’t worry too much if you feel like you don’t quite measure up. It’s mostly in your head.

2. What Matters More: Length Or Girth?

This is a bit of a trickier question to answer, as there isn’t really a clear answer. If we had to pick one or the other, we’d suggest girth. And apparently, most women would agree.

Believe it or not, it’s possible to be too big to have sex comfortably. If a penis is too large, it may bump up against the cervix causing pain and even bruising.

Girth, on the other hand, provides a sense of fullness upon penetration. Not to mention, of course, that the vast majority of a woman’s sexual satisfaction comes from stimulation of the clitoris.

Remember, size has more to do with length. So even if you feel like you’re not particularly large, focus on growing girth.

3. Is It Supposed To Curve?

There seems to be a bit of misinformation about penis curvature out there. While many may feel “unnatural” or like their penis is broken in some way, this is one of the top penis questions that bears repeating.

Yes, it’s normal if your penis curves. It’s entirely natural if your penis has a slight dip or curve in it.

When it comes to most men, the penis tends to curve slightly when flaccid, either to the right or the left. And when erect, it isn’t always uncommon if it curves up a little bit.

So rest assured, your penis is normal. If you really feel concerned with the shape of your penis’ curvature, don’t be afraid to consult a medical professional.

4. Can I Break My Penis

Oh boy, this is a brutal one. That headline hurts to write.

So let’s say that you’re in the midst of making love to your partner. The mood is set, you’re both ready to go, and everything seems great. After a while, you begin thrusting harder and harder until you hear a crunch.

Suddenly, excruciating pain fills your nether regions and a romantic evening turns into an embarrassing trip to the hospital.

Is this a horror story, or is it possible to break your penis? Unfortunately, yes, it’s entirely possible to break one’s penis.

Now, make no mistake, it isn’t all that common. In fact, you have to try pretty hard to injure yourself down there. Most of the time injury occurs only when a man is having sex in an uncommon way.

But blood vessels can break, resulting in bruises, a ton of pain, and a penile fracture.

5. What’s Better For Health: Boxers Or Briefs?

From excruciating pain to comfort and security! There’s an ages-long debate on the benefits of boxers and briefs. But what does science say is better for penile health?

Generally speaking, boxers tend to be more beneficial. This is especially true if you’re suffering from a low sperm count.

Typically, the testicles are a few degrees cooler than the core body temperature. As you can imagine, snug briefs would alter this, bringing the testicles closer to the body and raising their overall temperature.

In contrast, boxers allow for a more free-flowing feeling. It’s good to air your penis and testicles out every now and then, and boxers are great for this.

But if you really can’t get on board with boxers, find a happy medium with boxer briefs. They offer the security of briefs with the comfort of boxers.

6. What’s With These Bumps?

Every man’s worst nightmare is looking down at the urinal and seeing bumps on their penis. But is it normal?

Well, it depends.

Penis skin is just that: skin. It’s similar to the skin cover the rest of your body, as it’s just as likely to break out or have bumps. There’s even such a thing as penile eczema!

However, if these bumps resemble open sores or feel painful in nature, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to get tested. Genital warts are unsightly and embarrassing, but they’re also treatable.

7. Am I Stuck This Size?

If you’re still unsatisfied with your penis size, you might be wondering if you’re stuck as is.

But there are plenty of solutions that can increase length and girth. Whether you look into natural male enhancement or penile exercises.

Enough Penis Questions, Are You Ready For Bigger Results?

We hope this article provided a little relief and answered some of your important penis questions. Penises are like people: they come in every shape and size. No one should be ashamed of their genitals.

But that doesn’t mean that you’re stuck where you are. For fuller, firmer results, get in touch today and ask about how Phalogenics can help.

We promise that you — and your partner — will be completely satisfied.

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