Most men obsess about their penis size. Is it big enough? Are our partners truly happy with what we bring to the bedroom? 

You’ll read one article that tells you that penis size doesn’t matter. The G-spot is only a couple of inches inside of the vagina, making a small penis just as good as a big one. 

But more casual conversations reveal something different… 

Women will talk to their girlfriends about the great times they’ve had with big penises and the disappointment that comes from one that’s too small. Porn films idolize huge cocks. Not to mention, men often tie their confidence to how much they’re packing down below. 

So, which is it? Do women care if a penis is large? Or is a small-to-average sized cock just as good as one fit for porno stardom?

Spoiler Alert – Size Does Matter

When it comes to penises, there are only a few things that really matter. How well it works, how confident you feel about it, and how attractive it is to potential partners. According to a study by researchers at the Australian National University, women prefer taller men with larger penises

Rather than simply ask women what they prefer, these scientists designed a study that would remove preconceived biases as they relate to this question. 

They showed 105 women life-size, computer-generated figures of men of various heights, body shapes, and penis sizes and had them rate each figure’s sexual attractiveness as a whole. 

Women preferred:

  • V-shaped men with broad shoulders and narrow hips
  • Tall men
  • Large penises

Just how large of penises? The bigger, the better. Of course, women usually cannot tell your penis size until you’re naked, so it won’t be until you’re having one-on-one time that this factor will come into play.

Men Sized Up In Seconds

On average, it took women participants roughly three seconds to rate each computer-generated figure. This short response time means that women weren’t weighing the pros and cons, but simply taking the image as a whole and rating it instinctively. 

Why is this important? Because it suggests a lack of bias, or skewed data. It’s unlikely that the women realized that they were being tested on their attraction to penis size, specifically. This makes the results more valid than if they knew that this was a primary factor, reducing distorted responses.

For example, women who are in relationships with men with small penises might want to believe that they prefer smaller penises. If you were to give them five figures with the only difference being penis size, they may report what they would like to find attractive (small penises) rather than what they instinctively find more attractive (larger penises).

Can You Change Your Penis Size?

Broad shoulders, narrow hips, a tall stature, and large penis size are what most women are attracted to. You can lift weights to broaden your shoulders, lose weight to narrow your hips, and do exercises to boost your penis size. Yes, you read that correctly. You have control of three out of these four pillars of sex appeal. 

Yet, boosting penis size is not as simple as broadening your shoulders or losing fat. Many of the devices, surgeries, and pills out there advertised to enhance penis size are dangerous or ineffective. 

Fortunately, you can use an exercise plan to help stretch out your penis muscle, leading to a longer, thicker penis. With the Phalogenics male enhancement program, you can make yourself more attractive to the opposite sex. If you’re ready to boost your sex appeal, click here.

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