Generally speaking, a man’s anatomy is simple in comparison to a woman’s. If you want to know how long a man’s penis is, all you need to do is get them naked and take a look. It’s not so straightforward with women. This begs the question, how deep is a woman’s vagina? And does it vary from one woman to the next?

Vagina Depth, Like Penis Size, Is Personal

A woman’s vagina size is genetic, and it stays the same size throughout their lifetime. Even after birth and menopause, women have the same vagina depth. 

Much like penis size, the depth of a vagina can be quite different from one woman to another. How deep can it go? Anywhere up to 7 inches, although the average is only 3.77 inches. 

If you’ve had sex with many woman, you’re probably thinking to yourself, then how did you fit inside of most women? Even if you have a fairly small penis, it’s probably longer than 3.77 inches. Wouldn’t this mean that it would be hard to fit a 5 inch penis fully inside of a woman? 

Think about it—when you get excited, your penis can easily double, triple, or quadruple in size. Just like a penis, the depth of the vagina can change when a woman becomes aroused. 

When a woman gets excited, blood flow to the vagina increases, elongating it to allow a much larger penis inside. 

This depth is why some women, but not others, can experience pain when having sex with someone with a big penis. If the penis is large enough, it can hit the back of the vagina, where the cervix is, during sex. Some women report enjoying this sensation, while for others, it can be too intense.

How Do Penis Size and Vagina Depth Compare?

On average, a man’s erect penis is 33% longer than a vagina is deep. The trick here is that the vagina does become deeper when a woman becomes excited, allowing a bigger penis to fit. This is why it’s mainly men with larger penises that can fully fill a woman up during sex. 

When a woman has a deep vagina and has sex with someone with a small to average penis, much of the depth of the vagina will be left vacant. While many of the nerve endings are at the entrance of the vagina, there are others that are deeper, leading to increased sensation with a larger penis. 

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