Dicks are like snowflakes—each one is unique. Size, shape, angle, and color all come together to create an organ uniquely yours. 

So, what is it that makes your penis look the way it does? Is it because of how you sleep? Where is it tucked in during the day? Or which way it’s feverishly yanked during self-pleasure?

In this article, we’re going to help you understand why your penis hangs the way it does.

Asymmetry Is Natural

Let’s start off with a comforting fact: most human penises hang at an angle

Unlike other primates, we don’t have a bone that keeps our penises straight. When men get hard, it’s because blood floods spongy penile tissue, not thanks to a penis bone.

Penis tissue is connected to the public bone by a two-sided root. For most guys, one side of the root is slightly longer than the other. 

It’s this asymmetry in the penile root that typically leads to your dick flopping to one side or the other—not things like how you masturbate. 
That said, penis trauma can cause Peyronie’s disease. In Peyronie’s disease, the penis bend is dramatic, and often results in painful erections. Injuries caused by a slip-up during masturbation or sex—often called a “broken penis”—may lead to scar tissue buildup and a permanent penis bend.

What If I Want a Straighter Penis?

Symmetry is part of penis anatomy that you can’t change. If your penis is a dramatic hanger, don’t worry about it. So long as it works okay, it’s really not worth stressing over. 

Size, however, is. 

Ask women about what type of penis they prefer, and they’ll either pretend it doesn’t matter (it does), or say that a bigger penis is better. Fortunately, this part of penile anatomy you do have control over.

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