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Do you want a bigger penis but don’t want the hassle of doctor’s office? Here are 8 things you can do in the privacy of your home to get the size you want.

If you want your penis to stay the same size, this article isn’t for you. This article is for the man who wants to realistically enlarge his penis in the comfort of his own home.

When it comes to getting a bigger penis, there’s a lot more bad information than good on the internet. Marketers and sales teams know bigger is better, so they’ll say whatever they can to get your money.

This isn’t one of those sites. In this post, we’ll provide eight proven and effective methods for getting a bigger penis.

Are you ready to increase your size? Continue reading below!

At Home Methods to Get a Bigger Penis

Before we get started, we’d like to mention that everyone’s body works differently.

One thing on this list may work for someone, while another person sees no difference.

Be patient when trying these tips and don’t give up! You’re not going to gain permanent inches overnight, but your efforts over time will produce results.

1. Lose Weight

There are arguments in the industry over whether this makes your penis appear bigger or actually increases its size. When you lose weight, the fat pad around your pelvic bone decreases.

Once the fat is gone, the base of your penis is no longer hidden. Your penis will look bigger because it’ll be less hidden. With less mass around your member, you’ll have more penis to work with.

As for whether those inches hidden beneath stubborn belly fat count as growth or rediscovery, we’ll let you decide.

2. Shave Your Pubic Hair

If you’re worried about presentation or have a partner who doesn’t like hair in their mouth, pay attention. Shaving your pubes solves both those problems.

When you shave completely bare around the base of your penis (and up that shaft if you need to) your penis emerges from its forest home. The lack of hair to distract the eye shows every inch of your member.

Just make sure you continue to shave the hair growth so you can be proud of every inch!

3. Use Warmth

Is there anything better than surrounding your penis in a warm… washcloth?

A washcloth for a bigger penis? Bet you weren’t expecting that one!

When heat is applied to the body, it attracts blood flow, which is good for erections. The more blood flow the erection gets, the harder and bigger it becomes. To present a harder and bigger penis, wrap it in a warm washcloth for a couple of minutes.

As the warmth of the washcloth raises your body temperature, more blood will rush into your member. After a few minutes, you’ll have a nice pink, hard, warm, enlarged dick.

4. Skin Dry Brushing

How does the ancient practice of dry brushing the skin lead to a bigger penis? It has to do with blood flow and lymph (not limp) fluid. The technique of dry brushing, if done right, increases and re-vitalizes blood flow.

When blood flows more efficiently, your penis will see the results. Like the warm washcloth bigger penis trick, more blood means more dick all around (and to go around). This is one of the tips that takes time, but if you work at it, your hard-on will be hard as a rock.

And that’s just the benefits for your Johnson. Dry brushing has a long list of other somatic benefits as well.

5. Take a Penis Growth Pill

Not all penis pills are created equal. The ones you see in gas stations and nightclub restrooms are not worth your money (or their effect on your body). They’re mostly just caffeine and are more likely to give you a panic attack than an orgasm.

So which ones should you take? Do your research online. When you’re looking at brands, look at their reviews.

What are other users success rates?

Did they experience any side effects?

Are any of the ingredients dangerous to your health?

Once you choose a pill, try it out by yourself. Drink plenty of water and note how you and your dick feel.

6. Get a Penis Pump

Penis pumps are great for maximizing inches to give or show to your partner. There are many kinds out on the market, but we’ve seen the best results with water-powered ones.

Essentially, a pump is like a vacuum that creates a suction over the length of your shaft. The vacuum pulls blood into the penis, maximizing the erection. While the results are intense, they do gradually fade.

Penis pump users can see long-lasting results, but they have to practice regularly. Follow the individual instructions for use, but don’t overdo it.

7. Do Penis Stretches

Most penis stretches on the internet are badly explained and hurt more than they should. That’s because they’re not being explained right (not because they don’t work).

What you need is a doctor-approved program for a bigger penis. They’ll help you combine techniques and make sure everything is well-explained. Their customer service teams can help troubleshoot issues as well.

Learn about ours here.

8. Eat for a Bigger Dick

Yes, you read that right. What you put in your mouth can give you a bigger penis.

Bananas, oysters, and fatty fishes all have phallus-enlarging qualities. Bananas are high in potassium, which increases blood flow, like many other things on this list.

Oysters may be slimy, but they’re a natural aphrodisiac. If you’re nervous about your size, your anxiety can cause some shrinkage. To present every inch you can, you want to be completely in the mood.

Fatty fishes like salmon have omega-3s, which essentially makes your blood more slippery. The slippery blood moves around more quickly and efficiently into your erection. Adding these foods to your diet will help you get the biggest penis you can get.

Finishing Up

Not all methods to get a bigger penis will work for everyone. Each of our bodies responds differently to different things.

Take that into consideration when you’re trying tips from this list, and be patient. Big dicks, like Rome, weren’t built in a day.

The best course of action is to seek out a program that’s overseen by a doctor. That way you’ll have a support team to bounce ideas off of and troubleshoot with.

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