For most of a guy’s life, the fear is accidentally getting someone pregnant. But once you settle down and prepare to start a family, the concern may shift. Especially if you spent most of your 20’s and 30’s out on the town. 

One out of every 6 couples struggles with infertility…and it’s often the man’s sperm—or lack thereof—that’s the problem. The older you get, the greater the chances of problems with your little swimmers. 
Fortunately, you can control the quality and quantity of your sperm. Here’s what you should do if it’s time to put those little guys to work.

3 Ways to Improve Sperm Quality Fast

Truth be told, boosting your fertility is pretty straightforward. If sperm quantity or quality are impeding your goals, the way to work on it is to live a healthy life. Here’s how you can do that.

1. Pump Iron and Get Running

Humans are built for movement. If you’re not exercising often, at least 3 times each week, you’re far more likely to have fertility issues than your physically fit friends. 

Both weight training and cardio are critical for your overall health, as well as that of your sperm. Aim to lift weights twice per week and get your heart pumping via cardio 3 times each week. 

Have an upper body day, a lower body day, and three 30-minute biking, running, or swimming sessions weekly. Not only will your fertility benefit, but your partner’s going to find you sexier, too.

2. Eat Some Fruit

Oxidative damage is another sperm killer. This type of cellular damage comes from all directions—poor diet, alcohol, stress, pollution, and the list goes on. 

Your body is able to fight oxidative damage… when you eat enough healthy foods. Fruit, in particular, has an exceptionally high level of antioxidants. Antioxidants are exactly what they sound like—compounds that counter oxidative damage. 

It’s not that hard to eat enough fruit to protect yourself, and even heal previous damage. Add a fruit smoothie into your daily routine, and then eat a couple of pieces of fruit throughout the day. Berries and citrus fruits are excellent antioxidant sources. 

Not a fan of fruit? Try dark green leafy veggies, wild caught salmon, and nuts—pecans and walnuts are 2 of the best.

3. Relax

You know those people that are stressed all the time? Those are the same people that tend to struggle with fertility, libido, and sexual performance. 

If you’re serious about boosting your fertility, you have to limit stress. There are 2 ways to do this, and we recommend both. 

First, address common stressors and limit them. For instance, if you feel stressed when you listen to political news, cut down on it. If your job drives you crazy 24/7, it might be time to look for another one. 

Next, you must work on ways to cope with stress. 

Everyone deals with stressful experiences. Fights with spouses, financial strain, or work troubles happen. But there’s a simple fact—stress doesn’t affect everyone in the same way

Some people let these stressful events influence their every minute. Horrible rush hour traffic or a rude customer ruins the rest of their day. But others leave the stressful incident behind them. 

I’m sure you know which bucket you fall into. If you’re someone who feels stressed, anxious, or upset often, you need to learn better coping skills.

Exercise helps. Meditation helps. So does doing something you enjoy, like going to a concert or spending a weekend camping. 

Another good strategy? Practice deep breathing anytime you feel stressed or upset. Simply take 10 slow inhales and exhales. You’d be surprised at how quickly this changes your mood.

Another Way to Increase Your Chances? Have More Sex

Not many guys are truly infertile. Even if your sperm count is a bit low or some of your swimmers are lagging behind, chances are you have some good ones in there, too. 

To boost your chances of creating progeny, have sex more often. If your partner isn’t in the mood, do things to grab her interest. 

Sex toys, playing out one of her fantasies, or dedicating to more foreplay are all great strategies. Another one? Work on making your penis bigger. 

Studies have proven what we’ve all known for a long time. Women prefer bigger penises. Fortunately, it’s a myth that you’re stuck with what you’re given. 

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