Most young guys don’t have to worry too much about their penises—except for where they get to use them and with whom. 

But as men grow older, so do their penises. Many men struggle with erectile dysfunction, low libido, and various penis diseases that can ruin their sex lives. 

While eating well and working out are the two best things you can do to stay young down there, these strategies don’t always work. And, let’s be honest, few guys stick to both of those things 100%. 
That’s why many men take vitamins, herbs, and other all-natural supplements for things like increased blood flow and testosterone levels. Here are some of the best daily supplements to take if you want a healthy penis and active sex life.

The 5 Best Supplements for Better Sex

1. Vitamin D for ED

Did you know that your body produces vitamin D when sunlight hits your skin? But if you don’t get enough direct sun, whether due to working indoors, wearing sunscreen, or simply not spending much time outside, you can become deficient. 
In a study on vitamin D deficiency, the researchers found that men deficient in vitamin D were 32% more likely to have trouble getting hard than those that weren’t. And with roughly 40% of the US deficient in vitamin D, there’s a chance that taking a vitamin D supplement may be all you need to regain long and hard erections.

2. Ginseng for Libido

Traditional healers have long touted Asian ginseng and American ginseng for their male performance benefits. By easing stress and boosting energy, ginseng supports a healthy libido. It may also increase your chances of getting an erection.

3. Vitamin B for ED

Vitamin B, which consists of a wide variety of individual nutrients, is found in foods like leafy greens and wild-caught salmon. Vitamin B is essential for proper blood circulation, and it’s blood flow that causes an erection when someone arouses you.  

Because there are multiple B vitamins, it’s best to take a B-complex vitamin to ensure that you get the full blood flow benefit.

4. Horny Goat Weed for Performance

Horny goat weed is aptly named. This herb has been used for centuries in China for both erectile dysfunction and libido. Pretty much, it’s the go-to all-natural supplement no matter your issues in bed, whether they be fatigue, decreased sexual urges, or an inability to get hard.

5. Yohimbe for ED

Another supplement long used in traditional medicinal practices is Yohimbe, a compound extracted from a tree’s bark in Africa. Healers tout its benefits for erectile dysfunction and sexual motivation. A study even found that using yohimbine—a concentrated version of Yohimbe—alongside sildenafil enhances erectile potential when compared to sildenafil alone.

Penile Stimulation Also Helps

Another way to boost blood flow to the penis is by manual stimulation, whether through masturbation or the stretches and exercises found in the Phalogenics male enhancement program. Healthy blood flow means sufficient nutrients and oxygenation for penile tissue, which may help keep the penis healthy for years to come. 

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