Do you want to be a sexual Adonis? The more your lady enjoys your nighttime hanky panky, the more of it you’re likely to get. 

The sad truth is that most men think that they know way more than they do when it comes to how best to please their lover

If you’ve noticed that your partner doesn’t seem to want sex as much as you do, it might be that you’re not pleasing her the way she needs to be pleased. 
There are three common mistakes that men make in bed that can lead their woman to feel meh about their sex life. Fix these and up the notches on your bedpost.

Mistake #1 ‒ Assuming You Know What She Likes

It may sound cliche, but every woman is different. What gets one woman all hot-and-bothered can be a complete turnoff for another. 

This unpredictability makes communication important. You can’t just assume that your practiced skills from one relationship will carry over to the next. 
See if she likes things rough or gentle. Learn about her erotic zones (neck or nipples, anyone?). Not only will this make your sex more fun for her, but it will make her want more sex with you. Now that’s a win-win.

Mistake #2 ‒ Not Stimulating the Clitoris

I think we can all agree that orgasms are important. 

Porn and cinema make it look like every woman can climax from penetration. And most men think that their partner does cum from the magic of their penis…but I’m here to tell you that most men are wrong.

Most women cannot orgasm from penetration. 

This doesn’t mean that it doesn’t feel good. But think of it more like a really fun massage…it’s still not quite the same as the big “O!”

If you want her to stay around and not find action elsewhere, make sure that she is getting there each and every time (I mean, I’m pretty sure you are). 

For most women, this means some clit action. See if she likes oral, toys, or manual clit attention, and then use your newfound knowledge during every bedtime rendezvous.

Mistake #3 ‒ Checking Out Afterward

You know the phrase, “hit it and quit it.” Yeah, don’t do that. 

I know that you’re tired after sex. That’s only natural. We all feel nice and relaxed after we get off. But most women want a bit of affection after the fact. 

Encourage her to lay with her head on your chest. Trace your fingers through her hair or over her body. Making her feel loved and special will pay off in the long run.

Still Having Trouble?

Do you communicate, give lots of love to the clit, and cuddle afterward, but still worry that your partner isn’t satisfied? Maybe her interest seems to have plummeted, and you have no idea how to get it back.

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