Men have been asking this question for ages. They have been wondering if size really does matter. Does it matter to a woman if you have a big penis or a small one? Are you not that much of a man if you don’t have an enormous cock?

This has been discussed many, many times over the years. There has been a lot of speculation. There has been a lot of evidence on both sides.

Come on people! Of course size matters! If it didn’t matter, we wouldn’t be bothering to discuss it at length all these years.

There may be some women who truly don’t care, but most of them do. They also have many reasons why they care.

If Size Matters to Her; It Should Matter to You

The female vagina naturally has the capacity to take a large penis. When a woman is aroused; her vagina expands. She also gets very wet when aroused so there is a natural lubrication that lets a large penis fit in. This expanding of the vagina also adds to their arousal.

When a woman’s vagina is expanded and in a state of arousal; a smaller penis will not be enough to fill the space and provide maximum pleasure for either partner.

If the penis is not large enough to stretch the vagina or make it tight; there is not enough pressure around the penis or in the vagina to remain aroused. There is an absence of friction that is needed to heighten their arousal. If the penis isn’t long enough; it won’t be able to penetrate deep enough to give a woman a satisfying orgasm with penile penetration.

There are natural urges that we all have because we are human animals. One of the female urges is to become aroused when she sees a penis that is fully erect and huge.

This animalistic urge is also what makes most women attracted to men who are tall. There isn’t necessarily as much of a need for women to have an alpha male to protect them and take care of them like there once was. Women still possess that animalistic urge to seek a man with power. They instinctually feel that a large man has power.

The same idea applies to the size of your penis. When a woman sees a large, fully aroused penis; she wants it and is attracted to it. That large penis satisfies her primal urge to have a large, strong man.

That doesn’t mean that, if you have a small penis, you can’t be loved. Many women will still love you and accept you for who you are as a person and they will overlook the fact that you have a small penis. Just because she is okay with your penis size doesn’t mean that she wouldn’t like it to be a little bit bigger.

According to studies among women; more than seventy five percent say that the size of their partner’s penis matters to them. How many of those other twenty five percent already have a man with a large penis? How many of them have a man with a small penis and don’t want to admit that they prefer a large one?

If a woman likes a man with a small penis; it’s usually something that she has to overlook. Some women are a bit smaller and can’t handle a big penis that well, but a solid nine inches would attract a whole lot of women. It’s in their DNA.

Size is Important for the Man as Well

Size can have a direct effect on how some men view themselves.

A man who has a small penis tends to have low self-esteem. He will always doubt himself in the bedroom and wonder if he is fully pleasing his partner. He is always wondering in the back of his mind if he is disappointing her.

These are the types of guys who don’t like to shower at the gym because they are afraid that other guys will notice their small size.

Having a small penis can affect a man in more ways than just with a woman. If a man questions his own masculinity; it can affect other parts of his life as well.

It is a natural instinct in a man to want a larger penis as well. He wants to hear his woman moan when he thrusts his large erect penis deep inside of her. He wants to feel her vagina clamp down on it as she has an orgasm from penile penetration. Wanting a large penis is a natural urge for a man just like it is for a woman to want it inside of them.

When a man is made to feel confident and powerful in the bedroom; he will feel just as confident and powerful at a job interview, in an important game or when he is tested in life. How men perform when having sex plays a part in defining who they are and what their place is in the world. If men feel they are missing this crucial part of their existence; it can wreak havoc on their lives.

Of course size matters to you. The way she feels when you are inside of her matters. Size matters because it’s part of who you are as a man.

Your penis is one of the main things that define you as a man and there is no getting around that. If your penis is small, you tend to feel small.

That’s why it’s so great to live in a day and age where we can do something about penis size. It is actually possible for a man with a small penis to turn things around and have the size that women like and can increase his confidence. Who wouldn’t want to be bigger if they had the chance?

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