Have you ever heard a man complain about the difficulties of having a large penis? To most of us, that seems laughable—what could be so bad about packing a cock so large that its reputation precedes you?

But you might be surprised. While carrying around a giant package for sure has some upsides, it also leads to unique challenges that most men would have a hard time relating to. Read on to learn the pros and cons of having a huge penis.

Pros of Having a Huge Penis


If you’re a woman and you’re dating someone with a huge dick, you’re likely to share this info with your close friends…and them with theirs, and so on, until people far and wide know that you’re hiding something far above average down there. 

And there are many women who either prefer a big phallus or are curious about what it would be like to be with someone who has one. This is the appeal-factor of a large dick, whether long, thick, or a combo of the two.


Men often tie their self-worth to the size of their penis, whether big or small. Porn and society-at-large tend to talk endlessly about how size matters, and if you have a big penis, this can help you feel better about yourself…especially when you’re dating someone new and the big reveal has come. With a large dick, you don’t have to worry about being a disappointment.

Sexual Position Variety

Do you ever watch porn and think, “Wow, there is no way my penis would reach in that position.” There are some sexual positions that require a longer penis to work. Even doggy style can be difficult if you have a small penis.

Your Partner’s Pleasure

It’s commonly believed that a bigger penis leads to increased pleasure. While any size penis is bound to be a good time for both partners, a bigger penis can hit spots that are extra-sensitive, leading to increased sexual pleasure for her.

Cons of Having a Huge Penis

Fewer Sexual Options

If you’re someone who enjoys, or fantasizes about, anal, it might pay off to have a smaller penis. Many women are nervous about anal sex to begin with, and when they’re greeted with an extra-large member, that door is likely to close.

Erection Strength

It takes more blood to fully pump-up a large penis, and this can be a problem for some men. If the penis is large enough, it might take extra help in the form of drugs like Cialis to reach a full erection.

Condom Options

Have you ever put on a condom that’s too small? It can make it difficult to keep an erection and increase the likelihood of it breaking. With most condoms made for small-to-average penises, those with extra large cocks can have trouble finding a condom that’s big enough. Plus, if you didn’t plan ahead of time, you might not have a condom big enough when you need it.

How Big is Too Big?

Let’s be honest—most of those guys who have such a large penis that they struggle with condoms probably are upwards of 8 inches. If you’re at 6 or fewer inches, another couple of inches probably wouldn’t hurt your sex life. 

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