Erectile dysfunction. Just the phrase makes a lot of guys uncomfortable. No one wants to disappoint in the bedroom, and nothing’s worse than simply not being able to perform. 

If experts agree on one thing, it’s that exercise is great for penile health. When you’re fit and active, you’re way less likely to suffer from ED. 

But does the type of exercise matter? Specifically, does biking harm the penis and increase your chances of erectile dysfunction?

The answer is both yes and no.

Cycling and ED

Whether you’re an avid cycler or someone who goes biking every now and then, you’ve undoubtedly experienced a bit of discomfort in your nether regions. 

Bike seats put pressure on your perineum, the region between your penis and your anus. Prolonged pressure restricts blood flow, and over time, can cause nerve damage. 

It’s nerve damage that you should be concerned about with cycling. The first sign of a compressed nerve is numbness or tingling. Over time, regular cycling can lead to ED. 

In a Norwegian study, researchers asked 160 men who rode a bike tour of 324 miles to complete a questionnaire about numbness and ED. The results suggested that these serious cyclists did have higher rates of ED, with 13% experiencing ED that lasted for 1 week or more. 

But here’s the thing…

You can avoid nerve damage caused by biking. 

If you ride a bike a few times each week, you’re very unlikely to experience any problems. Plus, there are steps you can take to decrease the nerve pressure, and with it, the chances of harming your Johnson. 

Here’s what you should do.

  1. Use a wide, padded bike seat: Thin, hard saddles are to blame for excessive nerve pressure. Instead, use a soft, wide bike seat. There are even split seats designed to limit excessive pressure. 
  2. Get your saddle professionally fitted: The angle and positioning of the saddle matter just as much as the saddle itself. Visit a local bike shop and have your seat fitted to safeguard your performance. 
  3. Look out for signs of nerve compression: If you experience numbness or tingling, get off of your bike. Take a few days or a week break, or switch to another bike. 
  4. Take a break: When you’re riding all day, try to take regular breaks to decompress your nerves. 

For the typical male cyclist, cycling doesn’t pose a serious ED threat. And working out itself can reduce your chances of ED. Just make sure you’re doing it right and looking out for any signs of nerve compression.

What About Fertility?

The story with fertility is similar to that of ED. Biking may help or hurt your fertility. 

Working out supports a man’s ability to produce progeny. In that way, biking is great for those wanting children.

However, studies have found that regular cycling can reduce sperm count. The thing is, there isn’t concrete evidence that this reduction in sperm count hurts fertility. 

But if you’re struggling with low sperm count, maybe switch to jogging or swimming for a bit.

How to Safeguard Your Performance

If you’re worried about performing, the key is a healthy lifestyle. A poor diet, sleep deprivation, chronic stress, and a sedentary lifestyle are the biggest threats to your manhood. For good sex, lead a healthy life. 

Also, use your penis often. The use it or lose it saying has some basis. Regular masturbation and sex support blood flow, and with it, a healthy penis. 

Male enhancement exercises, too, increase penile blood flow, and in that way, can help keep your penis healthy. To add inches to your penis size and keep your penis healthy, try the Phalogenics male enhancement program.

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