People have been practicing the philosophy of tantra for more than 1,500 years.

Building a sexual connection with a partner can be an incredible experience. Unfortunately, however, most people never realize the full potential of these connections. Things like the Kamasutra can help people try new things, but there are few practices as significant as tantric sex.

So what is tantric sex? In this guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know. Keep reading for more.

What Is Tantric Sex?

Tantric sex is an ancient sexual practice that follows a spiritual path called “tantra.” This translates to “weave” as the practice refers to the weaving together of the masculine and feminine forces in people.

Tantric sex is something that people can study, practice, and learn with time. Once harnessed, it can be used as a path to an ecstatic union with all life, both in oneself and the rest of the universe.

A key aspect of tantric sex is that it’s about creating a kind of balance or harmony. This is between the fire of your sexual desires, passion, and energy along with your heart and spirit. The result is something powerful, beautiful, and ultimately transcendent.

When two people can come together in this way, it can lead to the best sex either party is capable of experiencing. The connection creates a level of intimacy that’s rarely (if ever) seen elsewhere.

What Happens During Tantric Sex?

There’s a lot that can happen during tantric sex, and it goes beyond the typical penetration and physical stimulation that’s common with most sexual encounters. Things are often more subtle – gentle touches and slow embraces while focusing not just on physical communication, but on the energy that moves between two people.

As a form of meditative sex, it may even involve almost no movement at all at times. By taking things slowly (or speeding things up and then slowing down) a single sexual experience can potentially last for hours, with the pleasure constantly building.

Tantric sex can be used along with other practices such as dominance and submission. If you have certain interests, you can study tantric sex and make it a more central part of your experience to boost your sex life.

Another element that can play a big part is breathwork. You can use this to help control the sexual energy in your body, helping you achieve pleasure throughout your whole body rather than just your genitals.

Neotantra vs. Classical Tantra

Tantra has roots in Asia and has appeared in various spiritual and religious teachings. In the modern world, however (especially the western world) people use the term “tantra” to refer to “neotrantra.”

Traditionally, tantra has various spiritual paths such as the Vajrayana Buddhist path (from Tibet and India) and Kashmir Shavism (from Kashmir and India).

These ancient paths are typically quite involved, requiring a lot of studies, meditative practice, and dedication. They can even involve certain rituals such as visualizations and deity worship, with work on sexual energy only making up a small portion of the practice.

Neotantra is a far more recent development, and it’s more focused on connection and intimacy. It can help build bonds, heal trauma, help people embrace their emotions, and increase intimacy in sex.

While neotantra originates from the same teachings as classic tantra, it’s important to note the difference. It isn’t an ancient practice itself but is still very meaningful to those who study it.

The Purpose of Tantric Sex

This can vary and is ultimately up to each individual practicing it. People are often held back by certain goals and expectations, or even just old habits. Tantra can help someone get past such issues.

When first starting, you should do so with an open mind. Consider yourself a complete beginner, and it will be easier to redefine sex with a fresh viewpoint. You can then set new goals based on intimacy and connection rather than just reaching an orgasm.

For those who’ve never experienced tantric sex, it can be easy to think that they’ve seen and done it all. In reality, there is a huge amount more they could experience, such as:

  • Longer-lasting orgasms
  • More powerful orgasms
  • Multiple orgasms/non-ejaculatory orgasms for men
  • Multiple kinds of orgasms for women
  • Visionary states

All of this can go even further, leading to higher awakening and personal growth. There’s essentially no limit to what you can discover both about yourself and the world.

Benefits of Tantric Sex

Many people begin practicing tantric sex when they want to improve their sex life. Some of the benefits that come with it are:

  • More enjoyable sexual experiences
  • Removes sexual blocks and shame
  • Improving the flow of sexual energy within the body
  • Helping to heal sexual trauma
  • Tuning into subtle energy
  • Delaying orgasms in men
  • Experiencing non-ejaculatory orgasms in men
  • Increasing intimacy with sexual partners
  • Longer lasting sexual encounters
  • Better communication with sexual partners
  • Reaching a higher level of pleasure and desire

You shouldn’t expect to experience all of these benefits as soon as you start practicing tantric sex. As a beginner, it will take time to get a full understanding of how everything works. With time, you’ll start to notice these benefits becoming more significant.

Improving Your Sex Life

There are many ways you can improve your sex life. Studying tantric sex takes some time, but the results can be incredible.

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