penis exercises for a better erection
It’s always helpful to know and practice the best penis exercises for a better erection. That’s why we’re bringing you 7 exercises to try out today.

The two words “erectile dysfunction” are perhaps the scariest in the world of a sexually active male.

Turns out it really does happen to everyone, or just about: 40% of all men age 40 or older have experienced sexual dysfunction at some point in our lives, whereas 70% of men over the age of 70 have had the problem.

The factors are many and varied: something as simple as lack of sleep or bad diet, to an alcohol addiction or vascular problem, or in men recovering from prostate surgery. 

Being able to perform sexually is one of the things that makes men… well, men. Erectile dysfunction as a phrase is still as scary as the big metaphysical questions such as “is my penis too small?” or “Am I making enough testosterone?”

Penis Exercises Can Help Improve Your Erection

The good news is that there are tips you can do right now that will help improve your sexual performance — and maybe even, perhaps, slightly increase the size of your penis without resorting to pills, creams, or surgery.

Penis exercises are things that you can do right now — and some of them include things that you already have been doing, both alone and with a partner. 

Here are 7 penis exercises you can do to improve the occurrence, duration. and yes, maybe even the size of your erections.

1. Masturbation

You’ve been engaging in this hobby all of your adult life. We all went a little crazy with this when we were younger, but folks recovering from prostate surgery are encouraged only to spend 20 to 30 minutes a session, three times a week, pleasuring ourselves. 

Make some special time for yourself, be calm, take it slow, and use lubrication. If you’ve never been the kind of guy to “go wet,” as they say, now is the time to start. Lubrication has always been proven to bring on erections faster.

2. The Slow Roll

We love to joke about our penis being like a bone or a muscle, but in reality, it’s more like a sponge: it’s built to soak in blood until it gets hard. 

One way to stimulate that happening is to simply stretch your penis when you’re alone and pull on it while flaccid. When you do that, you’re sending a message to your vascular system to send blood down there. 

You can also grip the bottom of your shaft and force blood into it by moving your grip slowly and tightly upwards towards the head. 

Moving your penis around in a circular motion, both ways, after you’ve achieved erection is a good exercise to help maintain blood flow. Bonus: stretching has also been shown to increase the average length of a man’s penis by 7/10 to 9/10 of an inch.

3. Kegels

When we think about kegels, we think about exercises done by women to keep the vaginal walls tight and pliant. But we have the same muscles as well: they’re the ones that can make your penis bounce up and down, and also the same ones that control urinary function. 

Strengthening your pelvic floor with penis exercises requires the same kind of tightening exercises that women use. It can also clear the pathway for sending blood to your penis. The kegels are the pump, so prime them!

4. Go Porn-Free 

Older gentleman who remember a time when porn was not available in every single electronic device will also remember that imagination is what started it all. It’s more realistic, and it forces you to get in touch with your own sexuality.

Porn is fast-food for erections: it’ll get you there, but it’s a shortcut. And once you get jaded, you’ve lost the connection between yourself and your sexuality. Try simply masturbating while thinking about the real people you really want.

5. Kegels as Workout 

Kegels, being a pelvic floor muscle, are also strengthened by gravity. So it only makes sense to incorporate them into your workout — specifically, pull-ups, which put the entire weight of your internal organs on that pelvic floor.

Cover your penis with a dry towel when you first start to do pull ups, then work yourself up to a warm wet one… and you’ll find that your body will start to naturally react!

6. Go Tantric

People get jealous when they hear about celebrities like Sting having sex all night long with their tantric abilities, but in reality, most of it boils down to controlling your breathing.

In the same way that you breathe fast and tighten up your muscles when you’re about to have an orgasm, slowing down your breathing and relaxing your muscles is a good way to keep that erection going longer. And it’s something that you can practice without the embarrassment of having a partner around.

7. Train Yourself

When you were younger (and more than likely alone), most of the time pleasuring yourself was about getting to the climax.

But learning to put off the orgasm is a real art and one of the most important penis exercises. It will help train your penis to stay harder, longer. 

When you’re having amazing sex and you don’t want it to end, you might find yourself backing off and slowing down to stop the oncoming rush. Again, this is something you can do on your own, too, bringing yourself almost to climax after about 20 minutes and then letting yourself come back down about halfway so that you can start over again.

Your penis might not exactly be a muscle, but it’s got enough muscle in it for muscle memory — and working it out in this fashion is only going to help the strength and durability of your erections.

Penis Exercises Lead to Bigger, Better Erections

Of course, there are also lots of other lifestyle changes you can make to improve your erection. Things like cutting out alcohol and smoking, eating healthfully, working out in general, removing stressors from your life, and sleeping well. 

But in the end, the penis is an organ of your body and should be treated as such, no matter your size or the amount of testosterone you’re producing. 

Erectile dysfunction doesn’t have to be a death sentence, and it doesn’t have to be permanent. Begin using these techniques today and you will find definite improvements in your sex life; you will not only be stronger and longer but possibly bigger. And no one’s going to turn down a chance at a bigger penis!

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