What Women Really Think About Penis Size

Gentlemen, there is no need to ask the question anymore. Women have already answered it for us.

Size does matter. It matters a lot.

There have been major studies that were conducted on this subject. Thanks to these studies; the National Academy of Sciences has made the determination that penis size directly affects a man’s allure to attract the opposite sex. Women love big penises. Numerous studies were conducted to make this determination including one that was conducted at the Australian National University. Here is what they found.

Women were asked to look at a series of images of men with various traits that caused them to be attractive to the opposite sex. Some of these traits are hip to shoulder ratio, height and of course, penis size. The women were shown three hundred images and penis size proved to be a major factor in determining whether the women found the men attractive.

The other factors like hip to shoulder ratio and height play a part as well. If it was a tall strapping lad, but he had a small penis of three inches or less when he not aroused, he would be considered average. However, if a man was closer to five feet than six feet tall; he would need almost a five inch penis to be considered average. In other words: If you are tall and in good shape, you don’t have to worry about your penis size as much.

Many scientists believe that the link between a man’s penis size and his ability to attract women is part of the old conditioning of early man. A big penis became known to penetrate women deeper and give them more satisfying orgasms. This brings the woman closer to the man and enhances their ability to procreate. If a man was strong enough and large enough to protect the woman then that would enhance their ability to procreate as well, even if their penis wasn’t as big as others.

The good thing about modern man is that we have clothing that covers our penis so women won’t know our penis size until we take it out. You are allowed to use your other attributes to attract a mate without penis size being a factor until you have sex.

There are many ways to give a woman an orgasm if you are concerned that your penis isn’t big enough. Oral sex and trying different positions can help you have a good sex life even if you have a small penis. As long as you give them an orgasm, they will come.

If you are below six feet there is not much you can do to make yourself taller. What you can do as a shorter man is make more of an effort to get in shape. Broad shoulders can sometimes be just as attractive as height. Give them something to get excited about and women will be excited by you.

Or, if you’re a short man with a big penis; just wear tight jeans so women can see your bulge.

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