You would be hard-pressed to find a man who didn’t want a larger penis or a woman who wouldn’t prefer her man to be a bit…bigger down below. But why is this? Why do we as humans idolize a large dick?

When you think about it evolutionarily, the penis serves one purpose: procreation. It’s designed to release sperm and get a woman pregnant, even if that’s not your goal today. 

So, if women prefer a bigger penis, men want a bigger penis, and penises are creating solely for procreation, it might not come as a surprise that a bigger penis is better at doing just that. 

According to evolutionary psychologist Gordon Gallup, a bigger penis IS better for procreation. The larger the penis, the more successful you may be at getting women pregnant.

Why Bigger is Better: The Sperm Displacement Theory

When you compare human genitals with those of our closest relatives, the great apes, you’ll notice something…our penises are MUCH larger. When we correct for body size, a chimp’s penis is about ½ the size of ours. Plus, the end of our phallus has an exaggerated mushroom appearance and the shaft a large coronal ridge (the elevated part on the underneath of your shaft).

Why are our penises so large and uniquely shaped? In short, because this length and shape allows the human penis to remove the semen of other men that have had sex with a woman recently. 

When you ejaculate inside of a woman, your sperm can survive for days deep within. It’s waiting for ovulation, when it can get in and fertilize an egg. Now, say you have sex on a Tuesday and someone else has sex with the same woman on Thursday. The bigger their dick, the more effective it will be at removing any leftover semen found at the back of the vagina…improving their chances of fertilization.

Feeling skeptical? Just listen to this…

To test his hypothesis, Gallup used a variety of sex toys and synthetic semen. Using a realistic fake vagina, Gallup and his team distributed fake semen as it would naturally occur post coitus. Next, they used three different dildos to see which one was better at removing the semen. 

Based on the different shapes and sizes, the team found that a headless dildo didn’t displace nearly as much semen as one with a head. As semen is stored at the back of the vagina, a larger penis would be able to get in there and remove semen more efficiently. 

This research suggests that penis size does more than make a woman feel good and give a man a confidence boost…it actually impacts your likelihood of procreating! Meaning, a bigger penis IS better, evolutionarily at least. 

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