In a study of more than 4,000 men, 15% were unhappy with the girth of their penises. Many more were unhappy with the length. What many people don’t know is that the girth of the penis is as important as the length.

Many men think that it is impossible to increase the girth of their penises. But this isn’t true. You can accomplish this with penis girth exercises.

But what kind of exercises can you do to achieve the result you want? Keep reading and learn more about how it works below.

1. Jelqing

Jelqing is one of the most popular penis exercises out there. Many men have tried jelqing at least once. It is popular because it is simple and produces good results.

It is also one of the few penis enlargement exercise options that improve the girth and length of your penis. Many focus on increasing the length. But the girth is also important.

A very thin penis might not be very stimulating for your sexual partner. Many women feel that a thicker penis is more important than a longer penis (although both are important). You can start jelqing by wrapping your thumb and pointer finger around the base of your penis.

This should make the letter O with your hand. Make sure you use plenty of lubrication when jelqing. This helps prevent damage or injury to the penis.

Tighten your grip so that there is light and even pressure over the base of your penis. Keep your hand steady as you drag your fingers to the tip of the penis. You should feel steady and light pressure along the shaft as you do this.

The Details

If you feel any pain or intense stretching, stop right away. Stretching too much too fast may damage the blood vessels in your penis. This can cause problems with erectile dysfunction, scarring, bruising, and so on.

Repeat this motion for about 20 minutes. Do this exercise once a day, every day, for as long as you feel comfortable. This exercise takes time to produce results.

This is true of any stretching exercise. Jelqing aims to stretch the skin of the penis and the tissue inside. Many men have found that jelqing has indeed helped them achieve penis girth enhancement.

The girth of your penis may increase by a few centimeters. The length may also increase by half an inch or more. It will take several months for these results to show up.

You also need to be consistent. The results will take much longer to show themselves otherwise.

2. Stretching With a Penis Pump

A penis pump aims to accomplish the same thing as jelqing but with a different method. A penis pump is a vacuum chamber. Once you put your penis inside the pump, you have the option to suck the air out of the device.

This lack of air causes blood to rush to the penis, making it erect. A penis pump does not stretch the penis. The magic comes from driving excess blood to the area.

This might not seem very important as a penis girth enhancer, but it is. Some men with small penises may also have trouble with blood flow. Increased blood flow is essential for having a healthy penis.

It is also important for penile tissue stimulation. Bringing more blood to the penis more often provides those tissues with plenty of oxygen and nutrients. Doing this every day may increase the girth of your penis.

What You Need to Know

You have to be careful when using a penis pump. Suck the air out of the pump gradually. You may feel a pulling sensation on your penis due to the vacuum.

The penis pump should also come with a ring to slide around the base of your penis. This helps keep the blood trapped in the penis. Use this ring after you take your penis out of the pump.

The ring will help you stay fully erect for around 30 minutes. You should not wear this ring for too long as it may cut off blood circulation. This can damage the blood vessels in the penis.

While you are wearing the ring, you can do other penis exercises or have sex. This should help stimulate the penis and increase its girth. Doing this once per day should eventually give you the results you’re looking for.

3. Using a Traction Device

A traction device stretches the penis. You also have to be careful with this device, as you can stretch the penis too much. This can cause bruising, broken blood vessels, and other problems.

There is a base end and a top end. Start by putting your penis through the base of the device. There should be two notches or straps on the other end of the device.

Secure your penis with those. This should keep the head of your penis in place. There should also be a silicone tube attached to the device.

Lower this over the penis to secure it. Use the device to stretch your penis. Make sure the base is secure in relation to the head.

Stop if you feel any pain from this stretch. You can wear a traction device for several hours. You should not wear it for longer than six hours.

Doing this every day will create a noticeable difference in the size of your penis. But be careful not to stretch too much of the penis’s skin. Stretching the skin will create some size improvements, but it won’t increase the size of the penis itself.

This is why the tissue inside the penis also needs to get stretched. You should feel this when you are using a traction device. This device should improve the girth and length of your penis.

Don’t wear a traction device overnight or for very long periods. This may cause problems or damage to the penis. Don’t force your penis to stretch more than it’s capable of, either as forcing it may also damage it.

4. Massaging the Penis

Massaging the penis is a classic way to attract more blood. You have seen that stretching with a penis pump does the same thing. A massage is a more traditional way of doing this.

It is also not as stimulating as a penis pump. This may not be ideal for those who need more intense stimulation. But a massage should work well for most people.

Make sure to use lubrication when doing this. This reduces friction and the risk of tears. Try to stretch the sides and tip of your penis with your hands.

Always be gentle when doing this. Massaging is similar to jelqing, but there is more flexibility. You should aim to massage your penis once or twice per day for 30 minutes.

This helps keep the penis stimulated. It is best to combine this method with other dick enhancer exercises. This may provide better results, and it may also speed up your results.

Massaging is also one of the safest penis exercises you can do. This is because the risk of tearing or damaging your penis is very low. It is good for making sure your penis gets a healthy supply of blood as you get older too.

5. Phalogenics

Suppose that you’ve tried all of these penis enhancing exercises but to no avail. You may have tried them every day for months or years, and your penis may still be the same size. Or your penis may have grown by a centimeter or two, but you are still not happy with the results.

Does this mean that penis surgery is your last option? Not at all. You can instead consider a different kind of exercise known as Phalogenics.

Phalogenics is a different kind of penis exercise program. Many men who have tried it have found that their penises have grown significantly. These exercises are good for increasing both length and girth.

These exercises can help your penis grow far more than regular penis exercises. You only need to watch a few training videos to understand how it works. If you’re unhappy with your penis size, you might as well try this option.

All About Penis Girth Exercises

Penis girth exercises are important if you are unhappy with the thickness of your penis. The girth of the penis is important for providing more stimulation to your partner. Exercises like jelqing or using a penis pump are good choices to increase the girth and length of your penis.

Phalogenics can also help. To learn more about it, check out how Phalogenics works.

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