Did you know that one of the biggest dangers to your penis size and function are the plastics that surround you every day? 

From plastic water bottles and food packaging to microplastics found in upsetting quantities in seafood, we unwittingly eat a lot of toxic plastic particles. 

Plastics have been common since the 1950s as scientific breakthroughs and industrial growth exploded. 

The thing is, we didn’t know anything about the safety of plastics when they became widespread. 

We just assumed that they were fine. I mean, scientists didn’t have a long track record of creating new compounds at this time. 

Unfortunately, research shows us that plastics are not safe. And we definitely shouldn’t be using them to house our food and drinks. 

Cancer risk, autoimmune conditions, and more are linked to plastic exposure. And the more we learn, the more troubling it is. 

But for some men, it’s plastic’s effects on the penis that are the most unsettling.

Plastics Are Ruining Penises

Were you born with a small penis? Have you struggled to get your wife pregnant? Or are you finding your ability to perform deteriorating as you age?

All of these penile difficulties could be caused by plastic exposure. 

Plastics have been linked to smaller penis size, penile birth defects, and reproductive difficulties

Phthalates are the primary class of compounds found in plastics that are currently thought to harm male penile health and size. 

These toxic compounds are found in bags and plastic wrap, children’s toys, garden hoses, intravenous tubing at hospitals, and more. 

From the moment of your conception, you’ve been bombarded with tiny plastic particles from your mother’s exposure. 

When you were a baby, bottles, pacifiers, and toys further filled your body with these dangerous compounds. 

And as you aged, leftovers, packaged foods, and water bottles kept adding to the burden. 

While there is no way to know what caused your penis troubles, chances are, plastic has had some level of negative influence.

What You Can Do to Reverse Plastic’s Damaging Effects

The trouble with plastics is that the detrimental effects started long ago, and it may be impossible to reverse all of the damage. 

However, how you act now does matter. 

You may be able to become more fertile or get your rock hard erections back. 

The best plan? Avoid plastics, especially those that come in direct contact with things that you eat or drink. 

Use glass food storage containers, drink from stainless steel or glass water bottles, and limit plastics in any other way that you can. 

And whatever you do, do not warm food in plastic containers.

If your plastic problem is a small penis, there is something that you can do. Although simply giving up plastics isn’t going to be the thing that fixes it. 

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