Everyone loves the beginning of a relationship. The sexual tension. The animal urge to rip the clothing right off of your partner…even when it’s neither the time nor the place for it. 

Fast forward a year or two down the road, and it can feel like your partner’s desire for sex is far less than for a good sandwich or a medicre TV show. 

So, why does the lust seem to fade over time?  

While it’s tempting to chock it up to longevity and say it’s inevitable, there are too many couples with healthy sex lives to accept that conclusion. 
We’re going to reveal why your love life has stagnated, along with what you can do to get it back to where it once was.

You’re Having Less Sex Because It’s Boring

This might be hard to hear…but you know why you’re having less sex. It’s because the sex is no longer interesting. 

When you do the same-old day after day, you can’t expect the same reaction.

Think of it like your favorite food. If it’s the only thing you ever eat, eventually, you’re going to want something else. 

But don’t get too down on yourself. While it’s inevitable that doing the same thing is going to lead to diminishing returns, that doesn’t mean that you can’t reignite the spark between you.

The Trick to Rekindling the Sexual Fire

There is only one thing that will save your sex life…and that’s spicing it up. 

To have fun and exciting sex again, well, you need to find a way to bring novelty to the table.  

And while it might be tempting to just imagine your raunchy fantasies and try to play those out, that’s missing the point. 

You need to find ways to make sex more rewarding for your wife or your girlfriend

The best way to do this is to have a conversation with your lover. 

One where you sit down, express your love and appreciation for them and your relationship, and then bring up how you’d like to work on rekindling your sex life. 

And don’t skip the step where you highlight the parts of the relationship that you love…you don’t want to start off this talk by making your partner feel badly about themselves. 

Then, ask your partner what you could do to make sex more fun for her. Are there sex toys she’d like to bring into the game? A new position she’d like to try? Something more that you could do before or during sex? 

To help break the ice, come up with one thing you’d like to try. 

Pro tip—have your thing be something that doesn’t make her feel less attractive or desired. Don’t suggest watching porn during sex or bringing someone new into the bedroom…not unless she brings it up first. 

Good ideas are sex toys or skimpy outfits you’d like to see her wear. 

Work together to come up with a novel sex playbook. Each week, try out one of your ideas to see how it goes. 

As they say, variety is the spice of life. If you want good sex with your partner, you need to embrace the human need for novel experiences.

Are You Bringing Enough to the Table?

When couples stop having sex, the man often wonders if it’s because he’s not as endowed as he’d like to be. 

But think of it this way—your partner picked you. And I’m sure they knew how big your dick was when they made their choice. 

While your lover embraced what God gave you, that doesn’t mean that they wouldn’t enjoy something bigger. Especially given the human love of new things. 

If you think that a bigger penis would better please your lover, you’re probably right. After all, studies support the whole bigger-is-better thing. 

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