Your masturbation habits could be harming your erections. Learn here what death grip is and how you can change your technique

Did you know that around thirty million men in the United States struggle with erectile dysfunction?

If it is hard for you to maintain an erection while having sex, it’s possible that you suffer from a condition known as “death grip.”

Men tend to develop this condition because of the masturbation habits that they develop when they are young. This can make it can challenging to maintain an erection during sexual activity.

The good news is that there are several ways to treat this condition. To clear up confusion, we’ve written a guide. Keep reading if you want to find out more.

What Is Death Grip?

Death grip is a term that people use to describe a specific type of masturbation that causes the penis to become desensitized. This often occurs when a man uses a very tight grip when masturbating.

By doing this, they might inadvertently over-stimulate the nerve endings in their penises. If this happens to you, it might become difficult to hold an erection.

This term was first used by a sex advice writer named Dan Savage. If you are worried that death grip is harming your erections, it is important not to be shameful.

It is an extremely common condition that might be caused by the masturbation habits that you’ve been using.

In fact, men are prone to developing this syndrome if they’ve gotten into the habit of using the same masturbation practices over a long period of time.

If you get more enjoyment from masturbating than you do by having sex, you will be more likely to keep using these habits.

This might alienate you from your partner and make it difficult for the two of you to cultivate a meaningful sexual connection.

Why You Might Develop Death Grip Syndrome

If you suffer from death grip syndrome, it is important to understand that there are probably several reasons for this. Here are several possible causes that you should know about.

Masturbation Techniques

Men often develop death grip syndrome due to the masturbation techniques they use. Also, you might develop this syndrome if you are a chronic masturbater who always uses the same techniques.


The over-stimulation of the nerve endings in the penis can desensitize the organ. This often makes it difficult for people to get an erection or maintain one during sexual activity.

And keep in mind that it is natural for men’s penises to become less sensitive when they get older. To compensate for this lack of sensitivity, many men tighten their grip while masturbating.

Medical Conditions

There are also various medical conditions that make it more likely that your penis will lose its sensitivity.

This includes taking certain medications, having high blood pressure, diabetes, or suffering from depression.

Low Testosterone

Low testosterone levels can also contribute to death grip syndrome. This is because those with low testosterone often have less sexual desire. Therefore, it might be difficult for them to maintain an erection.


It is also possible for men to develop masturbation habits when they are young. If this involves holding too tightly to their penis, they might continue to use this technique for the entirety of their adult lives.

Is often the case that young people learn to masturbate as fast as quickly as possible because they want to they’re afraid of getting caught.

This means that they might search for a dependable masturbation technique for reaching orgasm as quickly as possible.

You might get in the habit of using this technique. By the time you get older, your penis could lose its sensitivity.

When men who struggle with death grip try to have sex with their partners and wives, their loved ones might lose interest.

Solutions for Death Grip Erection Problems

Contrary to what many men believe, there are various ways to overcome death grip syndrome. Here are some of the most important options that you should be aware of.

Visit a Doctor

One solution for death grip syndrome is to visit a doctor. They can rule out any underlying conditions such as diabetes or low testosterone levels.

If you do happen to have an underlying medical condition, your doctor will help you to treat it.

Change Things Up

Experimenting with different stimulation techniques during masturbation can help to overcome the desensitization caused by the death grip.

This might involve slowing down the pace of masturbation. This will help to reduce over-stimulation and increase sensitivity. You should also consider taking a break from masturbation.

This will help you to increase the sensitivity of your penis.

Increasing Your Penis Size

There are various ways that you can increase your penis size. By doing this, it’s possible you might be able to alleviate the symptoms of death grip syndrome or porn-induced erectile dysfunction.

Stop Masturbating to Porn

Porn-induced erectile dysfunction is a type of death grip syndrome caused by excessive use of online pornographic material. This can desensitize the penis, making it harder to get an erection or keep one during intercourse.

Solutions for this condition include limiting or stopping exposure to porn and using different stimulation techniques during masturbation.

Overcome Death Grip Syndrome

If you are worried that death grip is harming your erections, understand that there are various ways to solve this problem. Try to change up your masturbation or love-making techniques.

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