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What is Considered a Big Dick? Women Weigh In on Length vs. Girth

Have you ever wondered what is considered a big dick? Is length the most important, or is it girth that really matters? Learn what real women have to say!

Roughly half of the men (45 percent) surveyed aren’t happy with the size of their penis. Can you honestly say you wouldn’t want to bigger dick?

Of course, a few of the men surveyed may be unbearably well-endowed. These lucky dudes are the exception.

Beyond this small percentage of well-hung fellas, you can be confident that the majority are concerned about being on the smaller side.

But, have you ever wondered what is considered a big dick by women? Men are always talking themselves up to their friends. It’s time to ask women what they think about cock size.

Does size really matter? Do they care more about length or girth? These are the big (or small) questions to be answered below. Let’s get started!

Are You a Shower or Grower?

The question of what is considered a big willy is dependent on whether we’re talking flaccid or erect. It wouldn’t be fair to give only one or the other attention.

After all, remember that some men are “showers” (the length of the penis doesn’t alter from soft to hard). Even when they get erections, it doesn’t make a huge difference.

At the same time, other men are “growers” (there is significant growth when erect). Around one-quarter of men have hidden powers which suggest you shouldn’t judge them by their “soft” cover.

When we talking about penis size we usually stick to the erect measurements. After all, it’s the hard penis which really counts for women.

When the Ladies Are Questioned

Have you heard women before say that they don’t care about the size of your penis? Maybe they insist that size actually doesn’t matter.

They say that they love you because of your unique sense of humor or your dreamy eyes. However, the science says that when it comes to sex, penis size matters.

At least, women who enjoy regular orgasms are more likely than other women to say that this is caused by men with bigger dicks. So, women who don’t climax much aren’t so bothered.

It’s important to know that many women cannot climax from penile-vaginal intercourse alone. And yet, women who can orgasm from intercourse agree that the bigger the better.

Does Length Matter?

From the dawn of humankind, the size of the penis has always been widely discussed at length (pun intended). 

During a recent study, 75 women were presented with 3D plastic penis models of various sizes. They were asked about their preferred size of willy based on the example models.

Of course, skin-color and smell were taken out of the equation since they were made of blue plastic. And yet, the results were revealing about how women talk about penis size.  

Apparently, the average American woman says that she prefers a penis around 6.3 inches in length. However, that’s when they were asked about boyfriends.

What about women playing the field?

Women appear to demand a bigger penis if it’s for a one-night stand. So, men looking to get lucky for one night only, you need to bigger than boyfriend material. But, that’s only a little extra with 6.4 inches.

The average American penis is actually only 5.2 inches in length. So, unless you’re particularly large in the nether regions, you could risk disappointing your female lover.

Does Girth Matter?

When people talk about the size of the penis, they usually refer to length. And yet, many women also care about the girth of the penis as well.

You don’t necessarily need your penis to be the size of a can of Coke. And to be honest, this is extremely rare.

However, it shouldn’t be surprising that the length of the penis doesn’t really matter. Think about it — if you want to satisfy a woman, you need to be able to fill her up.

How do you convince a woman you have what it takes to be her boyfriend? Women say that the perfect penis is 4.8 inches in girth. 

And yet, again for one-night standers, the requirements are even greater. A whopping 5 inches in girth is expected of you horny gentlemen.

This may be a worry for many men as well. The average girth of the American man’s penis is just 4.6 inches. 

What Can You do About Your Little Guy?

You don’t simply have to accept that you have a little dick. There are a few things you can do to improve your size.

For starters, avoid smoking cigarettes. Researchers found that smoking reduces your penis size by around one centimeter in length. That’s worth keeping if you’re smaller than average!

If you want to make your small penis look bigger, then shed the pounds. Cutting your belly fat can enhance the appearance of your penis as well. 

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What is Considered a Big Dick?

We always hear men debating who has the bigger penis.

And yet, we don’t hear what we women have to say about the size of the dick. That’s what really matters if you want to impress the ladies, right?

Well, we’ve asked the ladies, what is considered a big dick?

You may be thinking that your Coke can penis is what everyone woman wants when actually the punters prefer a lengthy snake. Perhaps you’re happy with your long and thin penis when your female friends favor a chode penis. 

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