What is the Size of an Average Penis?

This has been a question that has plagued men for centuries. Many of us wonder if we have a penis size that is considered normal. We don’t run around looking at penises so how are we to know what is normal? Misconceptions and guys lying about their penis size does not help.

There are a lot of legends floating around out there that say that your penis size depends on the size of your feet, the size of your hands, your nose or your race.

Most of these misconceptions are simply untrue. There might be some who fit the legend, but it’s just a legend. When you speak generally; there is not one common penis size rule. People who have the outward signs that are supposed to say if they have a large penis or not will not always fit the legend so you can’t assume that any of these legends are true.

Besides, even when studies are conducted about penis size; most of them let the men measure their own penis. We all know how men like to exaggerate. Some even cheat in their favor by doing stuff like measuring from the back of the balls. That’s not the only problem with these studies.

Even if a man measures his penis accurately; he’s going to round it up if not add entire inches. Also, men with small penises are not going to be as likely to participate in a study like this. Most men who participate in these studies are well hung and do not mind showing what they are packing.

What Penis Size is Considered Average?

Most men have a penis size of between five and seven inches. That is the size of an average penis when it is erect.

This might be average, but there are still many men who are above or below this range of sizes.

The largest penis ever recorded was 14 inches long when it was erect.

There have also been penises to fall below this range that were fully erect and measured less than an inch.

When a man has a penis this small; it is referred to as Micropenis. No, this is not a cruel joke. That is the actual term for this condition. There are as many as 200 men who suffer from this condition. Many of them have such small penises that they find it difficult to achieve penetration. Their penis is incredibly small, but they can still manage to have a normal sex life. It’s small, but it still works and they can still get a woman pregnant.

Even though you can still lead a normal life with a small penis; many men would like to do something about it if they could.

We can discuss penis size all day, but the burning question is; what do women think is a good penis size?

Women’s Idea of the Right Penis Size

This is also a topic that has no solid rule all the way across the board. Different women prefer different penis sizes.

There was a recent confidential survey conducted with woman regarding a good penis size. Most of the women preferred an erect penis of over 8 inches. That is not terribly big, but it’s definitely not small either.

This is not all women. Some of them liked them smaller. Others liked them really big. It all depends on their individual sensibilities, but most of them wanted a large penis.

Did you notice that this number is a few inches larger than the average penis size? This means that most women want a penis that is larger than normal. If your penis is five inches then you might feel okay about that, but how do the woman you have sex with feel?

Just because the average penis is 5 to 7 inches, it does not mean that women consider it a good size. They consider an average penis to be unimpressive and lackluster.

If this survey is true; you might not even have a good size penis if it is as much as 7 inches.

How is a Penis Considered Small?

You won’t know unless you ask a group of women or measure it yourself. To measure it; you need to make sure that you are fully erect. Start the measurement from your stomach at the top base of the shaft. Measure all the way to the very tip of the head and that is your penis size.

Does the idea of measuring your penis not interest you? There are other ways to find out if your penis is small. Have any of these things happened to you?

  • Condom falls off during foreplay or intercourse
  • Difficulty in giving a woman an orgasm with penile penetration
  • Penis falls out of the vagina during sex
  • Women constantly try to pull you deeper inside them
  • Women ask if you are inside them or not

If any or all of these things have happened to you then you probably have a small penis. If so, you are more than likely having a hard time pleasing women.

It’s a hard truth to swallow, but most women simply want a large penis. It’s a good thing for these men that there have been great strides made in figuring out ways to enlarge the size of your penis. They are safe and effective in increasing your size and your capacity to please women.

If you have Micropenis, you won’t be getting to the full 8 inches any time soon. If you are a little closer to average; there is help for you. If you put forth the effort to make your penis bigger; you are much more likely to please a much higher percentage of women.

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