What’s The Truth About Growers vs Showers?

Some men are growers, while some are showers. But what do women prefer? Get to know the real truth about growers vs showers here!

Contrary to popular belief, finding men who would qualify as “growers” vs “showers” is rare. The average length added by an erection is about 1.5 inches. Only 26% of men qualify as a grower, adding an average of 2 inches in length.

Unfortunately, most men try to claim to be growers to avoid embarrassment. The truth hurts when it comes to sharing penis size before sex. Women say they don’t care about size, but are they being honest?

To find out, we did a little research on what women’s opinions are on growers vs showers. This is what they think about before and after the big reveal.

Power of the Bulge

Women love seeing a public preview of what a man has to offer. For showers, this presents a great opportunity to advertise size. Even when the fully-erect size isn’t much bigger than a flaccid bulge, embrace your bulge.

Growers may not be able to show off a “dick print” in sweatpants or jeans, but they can still play. Try to wear pants or shorts that keep the package collected. Women love a little definition, even if it’s not a solid outline.

Anticipation and mystery both play a huge part in sexual attraction. This is something that growers can use to their advantage.

Ignore the Porn

You won’t get much help trying to find growers vs showers in porn. Nearly all male porn actors are showers. The porn status quo is big and bigger, not realistic penis sizes.

Women know this, for the most part. Those with less experience may be naive to the idea of growers and showers. Then you have the size queens, which you can usually tell early on from their personality.

If you want a realistic look at just how common growers are, you’ll need to sneak peeks in public bathrooms and showers. Yes, it’s going to feel weird, but it could help with confidence and debunk porn standards. Guys are constantly comparing each other, whether they admit it or not.

This taps into the most primal elements of masculinity based on virility. That’s why porn is so damaging to our egos. You should only use porn for ideas for positions and techniques. Besides that, work on enhancing what you have.

Prepare for the Performance

Most women are already satisfied with their partner’s penis size. Most of the disappointment in sex has to do with performance and preparation. Guys who just lazily jump straight into penetration are less likely to get return calls.

If the sex is bad in your current relationship, then you need to consider investing in foreplay, toys, and body worshipping. Making a woman orgasm can be done without even touching her genitals. The same goes for men, but save that for another time.

Men can improve their performance by practicing various penis exercises. Some of which can even increase your size of erection. This will grant you more confidence, which will result in higher arousal for both parties.

Growers who fear the reveal of a flaccid penis at the start of a lovemaking session must train themselves. Don’t let your insecurities hold you back.

Factors Influencing Growers vs Showers

Ultimately, your type is what you were born with, but there are some other factors worth noting. Not all size issues are permanent, there are solutions out there to increase size and stamina.

Here are a few factors that determine your penis type:


Yup, losing the DNA lottery is a bitter pill to swallow. You can blame your parents, grandparents, and ancestors for not having a big penis. Well, not really, since the genetic lottery produced who you are, flaws and all.


As we get older, things hang a little lower, as they say. When your skin starts losing elasticity, your penis may appear smaller. The actual size may not have changed, but skin surrounding the penis droops lower, making it less prominent.

The penis may also curve more with age, fill up with less blood, and be overshadowed by belly fat.


A strong, healthy erection needs one thing: a healthy blood flow. What you eat and how you live your life can greatly impact your erections. Taking care of your heart, getting good exercise, eating well, and reducing stress are all keys to achieve hard erections.

Smoking can and will hold you back, no matter what you try. It inhibits oxygen, blood flow, and stamina. Quitting should be a top priority.

Edging and Stamina

If you don’t use it, you lose it, right? Same goes for having great sex. You need to have regular erections and try to push yourself to keep them. More stamina is always good for any man, whether a grower or shower.

If you asked a woman whether they preferred a man with a big penis who only lasted five minutes in bed or a man with a small penis who could go for an hour, the answer would be easy. Women want a man who can give them an experience, not a tease.

Get Bigger, Get Better

As you can see, the comparisons between growers vs showers share a lot in common. Both categories struggle with overall size and both types of men are looking for normalcy. The good news is that you can extend your size and improve your appeal.

Even size queens will yield to your sexual prowess, as long as you follow our tips. Take advantage of the bulge, stop comparing yourself to porn, and improve your performance. When you’ve done all of these steps, you can start looking to alternative solutions and treatments.

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