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So what’s the trick to natural enhancement? Here’s how you can start naturally increasing the size of your penis with a few different methods.

For centuries, men have sought a way to enhance their penis sizes. Common male enhancement techniques include everything from getting surgery to eating right. For a variety of reasons, natural enhancements are the way to go when it comes to penis enlargement.

For starters, non-natural techniques can get costly. Penis enhancement surgery is considered cosmetic because there is no medical need for it.

As such, your insurance likely won’t cover it and you will need to pay for it out-of-pocket.

Then there are the side effects to consider. Penis enhancement surgery entails snipping part of the scrotum or grafting extra tissue onto the penis. Scarring and nerve damage could occur as a result of the cutting and stitching.

In some cases, men who have had the surgery have ended up with lumpy or uneven penises.

4 Secrets To Natural Enhancement

Thankfully, surgery isn’t the only route to effective penis enhancement. Let’s take a look at four secrets to natural enhancement below.

1. Enhancement Supplements

If you want immediate results and an erect penis to go with them, enhancement supplements can help you.

Brands such as Horny Goat Weed, Gingko Biloba, and L-Arginine come in small packages available over-the-counter. Generally, you’ll get two or more pills per package, and the packages hang from shelf arms. You can find the packages in most any gas station or large department store.

Natural enhancement supplements facilitate vasodilation. Vasodilation is the natural process by which blood vessels relax and dilate. The dilation leads to the enlargement of the penis, which in turn results in a larger, longer lasting erection.

The effects of these pills vary in how long they last, but generally they last for at least a few hours. During those few hours or so, the penis experiences unceasing, increased blood flow. Uninterrupted, increased blood flow facilitates natural penis growth.

2. Penis Pumps

In the past, men employed penis pumps to help manage erectile dysfunction and other circulatory problems in the penis.

Nowadays, penis pumps enjoy unwavering popularity as a natural enhancement for men suffering from a small penis size.

Penis pumps work by creating pressure via the emptying of a plastic vacuum. Men place their penises in this vacuum. They then pump the water or air out of the vacuum, which results in increased pressure on the penis.

The pressure causes the penis to expand in an effort to fill the void left by the removed water or air. In the process, the penis’s cells stretch out. But the stretching doesn’t stop there.

The penis’s blood vessels expand, which leads to increased blood flow. The increased blood flow causes the penis to become engorged. For the best results, men must use their penis pumps for a set amount of minutes every day for several months.

Many men describe the stretching sensation as pleasurable. However, like any pressure on the body, it can reach a point where it is painful. When men reach that point with the penis pump, it’s time to stop increasing pressure.

If you don’t stop increasing pressure when you feel pain or don’t use the pump correctly, you could damage your penis.

3. Penis Exercises

Penis exercises are the most cost-efficient method of natural enhancement. They require no equipment except your hand.

There are a variety of penis exercises out there to try. Two popular exercises are stretching and jelquing.


Stretching requires the penis to be flaccid prior to starting.

From there, you grip the base of your penis with one hand and use the other to grip the shaft. Then gently, you pull your penis away from your body.

Stretching requires multiple repetitions every day in order to successfully enlarge your penis. You must also pull your penis in all directions, including left, right, up, and down. The pulling results in increased blood flow to the shaft.

If you feel pain developing in your penis, stop stretching for a while or reduce how far you are stretching.


In order to jelq correctly, your penis must be partially erect prior to starting.

When you jelq, you should place your hand on the shaft above the head. Ensure your thumb and pointer finger reach around the penis and touch each other.

Next, place your other hand on the shaft and stroke towards yourself. The stroking creates pressure, which leads to increased blood flow to the penis.

Jelquing can be a difficult technique to master, especially for younger men. It demands control of your erection so your penis doesn’t become flaccid or fully erect. If you allow your penis to become fully erect while jelquing, you could accidentally stunt your penis’s growth.

If you find yourself having difficulty maintaining a partially erected penis, cease stroking until the sensation subsides. You can also reduce the amounts of repetitions you perform.

4. Certain Foods

Certain fruits, grains, and other foods have properties that enhance blood circulation through the body. Others possess agents that simply contribute to a healthier penis. Those that contain these properties can help you enhance your penis’s size.

Acerola Cherries

Acerola cherries boast a high level of Vitamin C, several times that of orange juice. Vitamin C is a key ingredient when it comes to increasing one’s blood circulation.

Additionally, acerola cherries are believed to contain antioxidants that slow down physical aging. Older age is one of the primary causes of low testosterone, which can lead to poor sexual performance and small penis size.


Bananas are a highly beneficial food to consume when it comes to natural enhancement.

Bananas contain high levels of potassium. Potassium combats high levels of sodium, which cause decreased activity. Decreased activity includes sexual performance.

Bananas also contain Vitamin B6, which is thought to promote penis growth.

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