Did you know that penises have gotten larger over the past few decades? While the basic anatomy of the penis hasn’t changed, science points to the fact that they’re certainly getting larger (despite falling testosterone and sperm levels).

When it comes to anatomy, knowing the basics of your penis can make all the difference in sexual health and performance. But many men aren’t aware of the intricacies of their penis, how it works, and even its size.

This guide will provide a comprehensive overview of the anatomy of your package and simple tips on using a penis size calculator. After reading through this guide with us, you’ll be equipped with the knowledge to take charge when understanding your manhood.

Anatomy of the Penis

The penis can be divided into three main parts:

  • Root
  • Body
  • Glans

However, apart from those three main areas, your penis also has a lot of ligaments and connective tissues. To help you better understand what you’re measuring when using a penis size calculator, let’s explore the basic anatomy of your member.


The inner part of the penis is largely hidden from view. It’s called the root. While you can’t see it, it offers a wealth of important anatomy. It comprises three erectile tissues, including two crura and the bulb of the penis. It’s also firmly held together by two strong muscles, the ischiocavernosus, and bulbospongiosus.


The body of the penis is also known as your shaft. It’s what gets bigger when you get an erection. It comprises three cylinders of erectile tissue, such as the two corpora cavernosa and one corpus spongiosum. These specialized tissues swell with blood vessels to function when aroused due to the nervous system’s signals.


The glans stands out from the rest of the body due to its bulbous shape, stemming from the expansion of the corpus spongiosum, a sponge-like area that houses erectile tissue and veins. In common terms, it’s your penis head.

Most notably, it features the urethral opening. You know, where all of your urine and semen comes out of. Therefore, it’s a critical part of the male anatomy and the reproductive system.

Erectile Tissue

The penis is made up of several different kinds of tissues. The corpora cavernosa and corpus spongiosum are two of these structures which play an important role in the function of the penis.

The corpora cavernosa are two columns of tissue located on either side of the penis. It’s what’s responsible for the arousal response and firmness during erections.

The corpus spongiosum runs along the underside and houses part of the urethra. It allows urine to flow out during urination or ejaculation.

Both tissues ensure erections stay firm yet supple with increased blood flow. Furthermore, these tissues help create sensitivity, enabling heightened sexual pleasure for both partners.

What to Know About Penis Size

Knowing your penis anatomy and size is an important factor for many reasons. Not only can it help you monitor any changes that may occur, but understanding what your penis looks like and how it compares to others can help improve your confidence in the bedroom. However, there’s more to penis size than just how big it looks to the eye.

Penis Length

Penis length refers to how long your penis is. The average penis typically ranges from three to nine inches and is measured when not erect, starting at the base of the penis and ending at the tip.

In 2020, researchers looked closely at the size of men’s penises. The results showed that the average erect penis length is usually between 5.1 and 5.5 inches, debunking many beliefs about larger penis sizes (you likely heard the average was “six inches” before, right?).

Penis Girth

The same study above showed an average flaccid girth of just over 3.6 inches and an average erect girth close to 4.6 inches. This seems pretty well within the norm. However, it’s important to mention again that it’s difficult to accurately gauge the size of a man’s penis if he’s self-reporting; many tend to exaggerate the number, leading to skewed averages (even in official studies).

How to Measure Your Penis

Measuring your penis is about more than finding out how big you are. It’s essential to select the right size of condom, as finding the proper fit will increase comfort and safety.

Wearing a well-fitted condom can not only reduce the risks associated with any sexual activity but can also heighten pleasure significantly. An ill-fitting condom has the potential to slip off during intercourse or make your skin feel uncomfortable, which can take away from the overall sexual experience.

Accurately measuring your penis helps protect you and your partner (and can boost your confidence), but it also helps to ensure a pleasurable experience for both partners involved. Here’s how to measure penis girth and length to gauge your overall penis size.


Measuring your penis length is a straightforward process that can easily be done in the comfort of your own home. Firstly, position a ruler or measuring tape at the base of your penis.

You want to ensure the ruler or measuring tape touches the base of your penis fully. Make sure to press into your pubic bone as much as possible, especially if excess belly fat is in the way. Once it’s set, measure from the base of your penis to the end of its tip and take note of that number.


When measuring penis girth, it’s important to have a precise measurement tool on hand. A soft measuring tape or a piece of string is preferred for accuracy, with the latter being the best option since you need something flexible that can wrap around your penis.

Make sure to wrap the measuring tool just once around the thickest part of the shaft. You can do this soft or erect. In fact, we suggest doing it both ways to see how your penis changes. Again, take note of this number, as you’ll use it later when inputting your measurements into a penis size calculator.

How to Use a Penis Size Calculator

Penis size calculators are tools that help you compare the size of your genitals to the averages observed in medical studies. Basically, it allows you to see how you measure up to other men worldwide.

You’ll use the numbers you gathered above, input them into the calculator, and see how you stack up to other men. Usually, they’ll allow you to compare your size in terms of length and girth. By using a reliable calculator, you can be more confident about your penis size. Or, you can see whether it’s worth investing in penis girth enhancement or other penis exercises for growth.

Bigger Isn’t Better

Contrary to popular belief, having a bigger penis does not necessarily equal better results in the bedroom. This message seems to be echoed in several studies, which reveal that both male and female partners are more concerned with how their partner uses their penis than its physical size.

While penis size can have some bearing on a sexual experience (with larger sizes leading to increased sensation), it is ultimately skillset, not size, that makes the difference. A smaller penis can provide a lot of pleasure when used correctly, meaning that all sizes of penises have their usefulness and relevance in the bedroom.

In studies where women did note they preferred a larger penis, they usually noted that they preferred a thicker penis rather than a longer penis. This seems typical among most women (and even men who sleep with other men). However, even those with thick members who can’t use them well won’t enjoy a lot of action in the bedroom.

How to Enhance Your Penis Size

If you want to enhance your size without going under the knife, there are several safe and non-invasive penis exercises that you can do.

For example, jelqing is one of the oldest and most commonly practiced penis enlargement exercises. All you need for this exercise is enough lubricant to cover the tip and shaft of your penis. Grip your penis at its base with one hand and then move up toward the head in a milking-like motion with your fingers facing down.

The best part? Jelqing is great for stronger erections, too. It can help promote better circulation, which leads to stronger, longer erections.

Another common exercise is penis stretching, which involves gently pulling outwards on an erect or flaccid penis in different directions for a few seconds before releasing. These exercises should yield noticeable results over time if done regularly.

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