small penis depression
Feeling down because of the size of your penis? Small penis depression is real but there are ways to cope and get better. Read on for 5 tips that work!

According to a study put out last year, more than half of American males are happy with their penis size. But are you?

Be honest, are you conformable with your penis size? There’s nothing to be ashamed of if you’re uncomfortable with your genitalia.

Yet at the same time, we realize that’s likely easier said than done. There are many men who live in secret shame, letting their fears rule them and prevent them from what they want.

Believe it or not, small penis depression is a real disorder that affects plenty of men. But you don’t have to let your fears rule your world.

Read on for 5 coping tips that’ll give you the confidence you need.

5 Ways to Cope With Small Penis Depression

1. Know What Penis Depression Is

Yes, as it turns out, small penis depression is a real disorder, though the name is a bit misleading.

It’s suggested that penis-related depression is actually an offset of an anxiety disorder. These are common, particularly in the United States, where an estimated 30% of Americans report feelings of anxiety.

So what sets penis depression apart from your everyday, run of the mill anxiety disorder?

Well, it isn’t so scientific, but you can probably guess. Instead of worry about a myriad of factors such as health or love, sufferers worry about their penis. 

How can you know if you suffer from small penis syndrome? Ask yourself a few questions. Really take the time to dig into your answers, because they do matter.

  • How do I feel about my body in general?
  • Am I comfortable getting naked in front of romantic partners?
  • How much time, on average, do I spend in front of mirrors?
  • Am I afraid to use urinals due to my penis size?
  • At the gym or public restroom, do I find myself comparing the size of my penis to others around me?
  • Is the size of my penis interfering with intimacy or my love life in general?

If you’ve answered yes to any or all of the above, you may suffer from small penis depression.

The key factor is whether or not your depression is getting in the way of living your everyday life. If you’re experiencing constant interruptions, why settle? You deserve better.

2. Talk To a Professional

Now that you’re on the road to confidence, your next step is to seek out a professional.

Be it a medical doctor or therapist, the most important gift you can give yourself is knowledge. And what better source of knowledge than a seasoned professional?

By talking to a doctor, you can express your trepidations without any fear of judgment. Trust us, you can rest assured that you aren’t the first male to enter their office worried about penis size.

Put these fears to rest! You owe it to yourself to arm yourself with as much knowledge as possible.

And if you do suffer from micropenis — which is highly unlikely, mind you — they can help. A medical professional can provide you with a prescription for testosterone.

Docs have seen it all, so there’s absolutely no need to feel embarrassed.

3. Stop Falling for Common Misconceptions

You’re probably feeling a little better already. That’s great!

But here’s another great piece of advice: don’t fall for the garbage you see and hear online or from friends.

Heck, even the Bible makes direct reference to penis envy,

You’ve likely heard all sorts of rumors about penis size, but let’s go ahead and clarify a few things. The average penis is around 5.1 inches when erect and 3.5 inches flaccid.

Doesn’t seem so impressive anymore, does it? Chances are, your penis is perfectly adequate.

And then there’s the issue of pornography. Women aren’t the only one who suffer from body image issues thanks to porn.

Men who frequently view porn may feel embarrassed about their own size, thinking that their member should match that of the performer.

Remember, they’re actors. They got cast BECAUSE of their body, not because it’s representative of the male gender as a whole.

Finally, let’s address locker room talk. You know your friend who keeps bragging about how well-endowed he is?

Chances are he’s just trying to impress people, and doing a bad job, at that.
Not only is your friend lying, he’s perpetuating a myth that the average penis is far larger than it really is.

Plenty of men exaggerate greatly when it comes to their penis.

4. Talk to Your Partner and Consider Other Options

We know that this part will be a little uncomfortable for most, but it’s going to require a bit of emotional vulnerability.

If you’re worried about the size to the point that it’s interfering with your life, let your partner know. They’ll be a great shoulder to cry on, and they’ll likely reassure you that you’re perfectly fine.

It seems so simple, yet reassurance from a partner can sometimes be the only thing we need to feel better.

Furthermore, don’t let your penis ruin a good time in the bedroom. If you’re nervous, penetration isn’t your only option. Many women report that oral sex is sorely unreciprocated.

Surprise her for a romantic evening, complete with dinner and wine. Then, take her to the couch. As you two begin to embrace and get intimate, tell her to lie back and close her eyes.

Think of how excited she’ll be as you trace your fingers down her body and head downtown on her.

It’ll set you apart, and will surely light a fire neither of you will extinguish for quite some time.

5. Big Fears, Bigger Solutions

If you’ve tried the above but still experience symptoms, don’t fret. You’ve still got plenty of options to cure your small penis depression.

First, a quick word of warning. Enlarging your penis isn’t as easy as those annoying pop-up ads would lead you to believe. You don’t just take a pill and watch as your problems disappear.

Though there are plenty of companies who bank on your insecurities, be smart! Don’t fall for these dumb tricks that promise all sorts of instant gratification.

Enlarging your penis is going to take time, but it’s perfectly achievable.

If you’re interested in fixing your small penis depression, sign up for our video series today! For the low price of $69, you’ll get access to our professional tapes featuring exercises we know will work.

And if you’re unhappy with your purchase, don’t worry! We’re so confident you’ll love your results that we offer a 60-day money back guarantee.

So what are you waiting for? Don’t let small penis depression kill your bedroom. Contact us today to get the penis you and your partner deserve.

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