Most guys have experienced the unpleasant sensation colloquially referred to as “blue balls.” 

The pain, discomfort, or heavy feeling that comes from getting super excited and not getting off isn’t unique to men…even though they’re pretty much the only ones who complain about it. 

You might be confused. I mean, women don’t have testicles, so how could they get blue balls? Let’s explore that point a bit further.

How Women Get “Blue Balls”

Blue balls is simply a phrase used to describe pain that happens from prolonged arousal. Because men are more vocal about it, the slang phrase used to describe it points to where men experience the pain.

When a person gets aroused, male or female, blood rushes to the sex organs. It’s not until orgasm that this blood is released—via contractions from the testicles (male) or uterus (female). 

The build-up of blood feels a bit like a pulsating, aching bruise. Over minutes to hours, depending on the level of frustration and a person’s individual anatomy, the blood is slowly released and the pain fades away.

Why Doesn’t Anyone Ever Talk About Female Blue Balls?

You may be wondering, if this happens to women, why don’t they speak up? To better understand, let’s first examine why guys are so vocal about it. 

Many men complain loudly about “blue balls” so that they’re not left…wanting. Younger men, in particular, don’t want a night of messing around to end without actual sex occuring. By voicing concern over pain, they hope to win the sympathy of a potential lover who could then satisfy their desires. 

The entire sex situation is different for women. For starters, women typically control how far a sexual encounter goes. If they’re down, they’re likely to get what they want.

The next factor is a bit less fortunate. As a whole, men are bad at getting women off. Most guys assume that their penises are going to get her there, when that’s pretty unlikely without a big D or some simultaneous clit stimulation. 

In essence, women are more accustomed to feeling frustrated after sex. It’s pretty normal…but they don’t want to hurt a man’s pride, so they don’t mention their lack of satisfaction. 

Finally, women are used to pain down there, and society expects them to suffer in silence. When they quietly deal with pain every month, doing so after a mediocre sexual encounter comes easily.

What You Can Do to Get Her There

I think we can all agree that blue balls suck, so why should we allow our female lovers to deal with this pain? If you’re at all good in the sack, or if you want to be, the answer is that you shouldn’t. 

The secret is to get your lover to orgasm. You likely already think that she does, but women are pretty good actors in this regard. Instead, take action to boost her satisfaction. 

First, ask her if she’d like to bring any sex toys into the bedroom. Clit vibrators are a great addition to sex. And who knows, she might even come up with something more exciting. 

Next, be honest with yourself about your manhood. If you’re small, your Johnson alone isn’t going to get her there. Either commit to sex toys and oral sex, or work on getting a bigger penis. 

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