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F.A.Q. Before You Contact Us Please Read

Q: I paid, now how do I get access?
A: You should have received an email receipt and a Phalogenics Welcome email. The Phalogenics email has a direct link to the members area, plus your user name and password. Please check your spam folder, especially if you are on a free email service like Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail. Search your Spam or Junk folders for phalogenics.com.
Q: I paid, when do you ship the videos?
A: Phalogenics is a digital product only. The videos are only available to you, our exclusive members, inside the members area.
Q: The videos are choppy and slow.
A: Check your connection speed, by running a speed test. It could be a internet provider issue or your machine is running slow. Try shutting down your system and trying again.
Q: The video plays but I can only hear the audio, I do not see the video.
A: Please email us what computer/laptop/tablet device you are using. What browser you are using (IE, Safari, Chrome, Fire Fox etc), the more info the better, so we can pin point the issue.

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