A lot of women think they can guess how well endowed a guy is by looking at his physical appearance…mainly hand, foot, or nose size, depending upon who you ask. 

So, is there any science behind these beliefs?

The answer may surprise you.

The Key to Guessing Penis Size Is…

We’ll get there. First, let’s outline what doesn’t reveal penis size. 

There have been a lot of studies seeking to find a visible sign of male endowment. Researchers have debunked the theories that hand size, foot size, or nose size indicate the size of a guy’s Johnson. Not even height is correlated with erect length. 

However, there is one thing that has shown a pretty close relationship…and that’s the ratio between a guy’s index and ring fingers

The lower the ratio—i.e. the shorter the pointer finger and longer the ring finger—the bigger the penis is, on average.  

I know, that simple doesn’t seem all that likely. But when you dig into the study published in the Asian Journal of Andrology, the picture starts to become clearer. 

Also known as the digit ratio, the ratio of the length of the index to the ring finger has been tied to a lot of interesting things. From sex hormone activity and sexual behavior to attractiveness and prostate cancer risk, there’s a lot linked to the digit ratio.

Researchers believe that prenatal sex hormone exposure influences the digit ratio along with things like penis size and sexual tendencies.

Can Someone Guess Your Size?

Digit ratio is simply correlated with penis size. There are always going to be outliers. Plus, it’s pretty hard to get a good look at the difference between finger sizes without doing something strange. 

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