Top Male Enhancement Exercises

Male enhancement exercises could help get you where you’d like to be with your penis size. Check our comprehensive list for the best exercises for enhancement.

Are you looking for the best male enhancement exercises that will actually help you grow your penis?

The average penis size varies by country. In the U.S., for example, the average penis size is 5.63 inches (14.3 cm) in length.

However, the truth is that women prefer much larger penises for one night stands, both in length and girth. Therefore, if you plan to fire up Tinder anytime soon, you probably want to make sure you are adequate downstairs.

There are many male enhancement exercises out there. Some work extremely well, some are a waste of time and energy, and others are downright dangerous.

If you want to learn about the top 7 male enhancement exercises that will get you the best results, keep reading!

1. Jelqing

One of the most effective and well-known male enhancement exercises is jelqing. This exercise improves both your length and your girth.

For this exercise, you will need to keep your erection at 50-75%. So make sure you achieve this before starting.

You will need to warm up before you increase the intensity. Use oil on your hands and penis.

When you are ready to begin, make an “OK” shape using your index finger and thumb. Place your fingers at the base of your penis, and then squeeze in order to force the blood upwards.

Next, you need to begin sliding your hand up very slowly, but stop before you reach the head. Repeat this as many times as you wish.

When you first start out, make sure to do shorter sessions, such as 5 minutes, and avoid doing this exercise without a full erection, as it can lead to injury.

2. Kegels

A lot of men know that women do Kegels in order to improve their downstairs situation. However, very few know that Kegels are just as beneficial for men as well.

Kegels are one of the best male enhancement exercises for improving erection quality, which has a massive effect on the size of your penis.

The first step to doing Kegels is to locate your Pubococcygeus muscle. During exercise, you will need to focus on contracting this muscle for a minimum of 4-5 seconds.

Once your finish holding the contraction, let go and wait 2-3 seconds. After the brief rest, repeat for another repetition and continue.

You want to do between 10-30 minutes of Kegels every day to see improvement.

3. Base Squeeze

The base squeeze may seem very similar to the jelq. However, it is not the same exercise, and it serves as one of the best male enhancement exercises for increasing your girth.

In order to do a base squeeze, all you have to do is start the same way you did with the jelq, by making an “OK” shape with your index and thumb. Squeeze both fingers, forcing blood to the tip of your penis.

Next, place your fingers near the base of your penis. This time, instead of moving your fingers upwards, keep your fingers stationary and hold the squeeze for 20-30 seconds.

Make sure you take moderate breaks between sets and only increase the intensity when you are ready.

4. V-Stretch

Another natural way to increase your penis size is the v-stretch. This exercise focuses on your length, but it also affects girth.

For the v-stretch, you do not want to maintain an erection level higher than 50%.

To start, you want to use one hand to grab your penis directly below the glans. With this hand, you want to pull your penis away from your body.

With your other hand, grab your penis around halfway down the shaft and push downward. Hold this position for about 20-30 seconds and then let go.

After you finish one rep, move your second hand to a different position and repeat.

5. Double Squeeze

The double squeeze is a male enhancement exercise that primarily focuses on penis girth, but it can help with length as well.

To start this exercise, achieve an 80% erection. Form an “OK” grip using your thumb and index at the base of your penis.

Next, use your other hand to form an “OK” grip directly in front of the first hand, but make sure your palm faces away from your body.

Finally, just squeeze as both hands, integrating your other fingers as well. Hold the squeeze and repeat.

Try to maintain your erection between sets.

6. Flaccid Bend

The flaccid bend is an exercise used to increase the girth of your penis, both flaccid and erect.

For this, you want to maintain a very low percentage erection.

Use on hand to grip your penis below the glans. Stretch your penis out as much as you comfortably can.

Next, use your other hand to place your middle and index finger underneath your penis. As you continue to stretch, bend your penis forward over your two fingers and hold the position.

For the following sets, move your two fingers slightly in order to adjust the angle of the bend.

7. Rotation Stretch

The rotation stretch is one of the most effective male enhancement exercises for targeting length, both flaccid and erect.

To start this exercise, bring your penis to an erection level lower than 50-60%.

First, grab your penis below the glans using your entire hand.

Next, stretch your penis upwards as far as you comfortably can. Once you have your penis fully stretched out, begin to rotate clockwise in a circular motion.

Once you finish a full circle, switch hands and rotate counter clockwise.

Focus on stretching evenly throughout the exercise.

Final Thoughts on Male Enhancement Exercises

You have plenty of options when it comes to male enhancement exercises. Incorporate these exercises into your daily routine to help you reach the right penis size.

Another change you can make to your daily routine is to workout. While working out may not actually increase the length or girth of your penis, it does reduce the size of the fat pad on your lower abdomen. This can help you gain another half an inch or so in length.

Make sure you avoid dangerous methods of increasing your penis. Do not attempt clamping, as it can actually cause long-term damage to your penile tissue.

If you are ready to try a safe, natural way to increase the size of your penis, check out our offer.

7 Top Male Enhancement Exercises to Lift Your Spirits

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