You look at your feet, arms, or fingers, and it’s pretty clear why they’re shaped the way that they are. But take a look at your penis, and the correlation is less clear.

While every penis looks different—some are big, others small, some are straight, others curve to the side—they all have one thing in common. Their overall shape is the same.  

This shape bears resemblance to a mushroom. The shaft is like the stem and the head is, well, like the head. But look at vibrators and you can see that women seem to enjoy a straight member just as much, and sperm-delivery wise it looks like that would do the job just fine.  Yet, if evolution has anything to tell us, it’s that nothing about our makeup is random. So then, why exactly is the penis shaped like that?

Your Penis Is Shaped Like That to Remove Competitor’s Sperm

All right, let’s be totally honest here. Monogamy doesn’t really feel like the way that we were built to be. Even the best of us thinks about straying…pretty much constantly.

And if you think that this desire for varied fornication is shared only by men, you’d be mistaken. Women, too, have the urge to look for sexual satisfaction elsewhere.

Next, let’s accept that the penis is designed for one thing—getting women pregnant. Even though most of us try to avoid spreading our seed around too much these days, our ancestors didn’t play by that rule.

The goal in the stone age as a male was to have sex with as many women as possible. The more women, the more successful you were, genetically speaking.

As for women, the idea was to get pregnant by someone with the best genetic material. This would mean that they would have sex with someone new if they were stronger, faster, or smarter…even if they had just had sex with someone else.

And this is where penis shape comes in.

Scientists believe that the penis is shaped with a thin shaft and a thick mushroom tip in order to scoop out competing male’s sperm from the depths of the vagina.

This, too, explains why we humans have large penises in comparison to our body size…and why women are more attracted to a male with a big phallus. The bigger the penis, the deeper it can reach inside of the vagina. The deeper it can penetrate, the more competitor male cum that it can remove. 

If this large penis with a sizeable tip is passed on to the next generation, it would be a competitive advantage. Meaning, women want to have sex with men with a penis that is shaped for success. This prize penis may be passed on to her offspring, boosting their chances of having more kids themselvs. 

In essence, a large penis with a thicker tip is evolutionarily superior to a small one that’s straight all the way through.

Do You Have the Shape but Not the Length?

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