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Have you heard of the “boyfriend’s penis?” This is the penis that women desire. But what is it? And do you have the perfect boyfriend penis? Find out here.

According to a new study, all 40 women surveyed preferred a penis of an average length as opposed to a monster trouser snake.

Some of the women picked penises with a greater girth for one night flings. But, all women surveyed, when asked about long-term relationships specifically, picked penises with average length and girth.

The term used to describe this “perfect”, “want-it-all-the-time” penis is the boyfriend’s penis. This is the size women can see themselves doing all sorts of things with on a very regular basis.

Do you have one? Read on to find out more.

The Boyfriend’s Penis: What It Is and Why Women Love It

The answer to the question “Do women like penis?” is a resounding yes. However, the answer to “Do women like a big penis?” gets more of a mixed response.

Do Women Like Big Penises?

To understand the answer to this question you have to understand the genitalia of both parties involved. One of the things that makes this question so complicated is that we are all individual snowflakes.

In the same way that penis length and girth varies from man to man, the depth and width of the vagina can vary greatly from woman to woman. Depending on the woman you’re with can influence whether your penis is huge or small.

In every study, the one determining factor that made women prefer a larger and longer penis was the ability to achieve orgasm vaginally. If women have vaginal orgasms they tend to like bigger penises.

The good news if you’re an average joe, like most men, is that over 75% of women cannot achieve orgasm from vaginal penetration alone. This means that you are far more likely to be with a woman who orgasms clitorally and size becomes a secondary issue.

Most Women Agree That Sex Is Not All About The Penis

When you ask the question “Do girls like a big penis?” you’re missing so many other parts of the equation. While sex is a bit one-note for men it is like a symphony to women.

Women have the ability to have multiple orgasms and many prefer oral or digital stimulation over penetration. Women get sexual satisfaction even just from kissing.

While men seem to be overly focused on their penis a woman’s body is like a big bundle of nerve endings all over. So, if you are worried about the size of your penis, even if those worries are unfounded, make it a point to get great at other techniques to please your lady.

Once a woman has had an orgasm, or 5, your penis size becomes the very last thing on her mind. She will just want you, with her, no qualms about it.

At the end of the day, for women, sex is not all about the penis.

Ok, But I’m Really Looking For A Measurement Here

Look, we get it, you need some reassurance. Up until now you’re probably not believing most of this. So, if you need a number we will give you one.

Do women like penises? Yes, and the overwhelming response is that they prefer a man’s privates to be between 5-7″. This is where the term boyfriend’s penis comes in.

When a woman meets a man and then realizes he’s walking around with a cannon in his pants, it can be very intimidating. She starts to imagine the pain and recovery time necessary after sex with this man. Not to mention it will be unlikely that woman will want to get “creative” in the bedroom with him.

If your penis is a more manageable size it opens the doors to more sex, fun sexual adventures, trying lots of new things, and the ability to do this multiple times a week. No recovery time necessary.

Women want to keep this penis around. So, if she likes you enough to get to the point of seeing your penis, she will want to keep you around.

Use Your Situation To Your Advantage

Now that we have made it clear that women are much more interested in multiple orgasms over your penis length, here are some action steps.

Go out of your way to learn how to be an amazing lover. Remember, women are turned on and can have sexual satisfaction from a lot of things during a sexual experience.

Focus on foreplay, put her pleasure above your own. You heard that right. Make her orgasm the priority. How does this make sex for you better?

Most men can only orgasm once during each encounter. Women have the ability of almost limitless amounts of orgasms during each encounter.

Physiologically, this is because achieving the female orgasm and keeping her in a state of orgasm for the whole time, makes it much more likely that she will get pregnant.

Since you only have one chance of your cervix accepting the sperm each time you have sex you want to raise the odds. When a woman has an orgasm her cervix dips down into the vaginal canal. This gives sperm direct access and makes the sperms job easier.

So, if you want her begging for more and forgetting all about how big or small you think your penis is, give her orgasms, lots of them. Learn your partner and what turns them on. Get them revved up.

The hard part? To a lot of men, making women achieve orgasm is like learning a foreign language. The easiest way to get your partner there is to ask her what she likes. Let her guide you. She knows what works, take advantage of her expertise.

For Women, Sex Is Much More Mind Over Measurements

The great news is that every man who wants to be with a woman has a boyfriend’s penis to someone.

Focus on becoming a communicative and teachable sexual partner and she will want you, and your penis, to stay awhile.

Want some more tips on how to get her there? Check out this article on the best ways to bring a woman to her best orgasm.

If you’re still feeling self-conscious about your penis size and want to talk to someone about it we are here for you. Contact us now so we can help you.

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