Decreased sexual sensation is common, but it’s not inevitable. Hormone changes, injury, and even poor masturbation techniques can all lead to a penis that’s less sensitive.

With decreased sensation comes decreased pleasure, and that’s not something anyone wants. If you want to boost your satisfaction, there are a few things that you can do to regain maximum pleasure.

Here’s how.

1. Change Your Biking Habits

Avid bicyclists are more likely to struggle with decreased feeling down there than your average guy. Why? It’s all because of excess pressure at the perineum, the area between your balls and anus. 

A thin, hard seat and regular multi-hour-long rides can restrict blood flow to the penis. Over time, this can lead to nerve damage that causes decreased sensation and erectile dysfunction. 

Fortunately, most men can be regular cyclists without sexual troubles. First, take regular breaks, especially if you begin to feel numbness or tingling down there. 

Next, buy a seat designed to reduce perineum pressure. These seats are wide and soft. And when you buy this seat, have it professionally fitted at a bike shop to ensure it’s at the right height and angle for your sexual health.

2. Boost Your Testosterone Levels

As you grow older, the natural levels of testosterone decrease. Over time, this can lead to poor sexual performance and decreased responsiveness to sexual stimulation. 

If you’re getting older and you’ve noticed your response to sex and masturbation dropping, there are many things that you can do. 

First, make sure you’re getting regular exercise. Physical activity helps boost testosterone levels, keeping you feeling and looking younger. 

Next, visit your doctor. They can do a test to determine if your testosterone levels are low. If they are, they’ll help you come up with a plan to boost them. It may be as simple as lifestyle changes, or you might need testosterone replacement therapy to regain what you once had.

3. Decrease Stress and Increase Happiness

Decreased sexual pleasure isn’t always a physical thing. Sometimes your mental wellbeing impacts how much you enjoy masturbation and sex. It can even influence the level of sensation that you have. 

If you’ve been overly stressed, anxious, or depressed, you may need to work on this underlying issue before you can get back to where you were sexually. 

There are a lot of ways that you can do this, and the best one is going to depend on what you’re feeling and what’s causing it. 

It may be as simple as taking a walk, meditating, or enjoying a hot shower. Alternatively, you might need to quit a job, leave a toxic relationship, talk to a therapist, or see your doctor for a new medication. 

Once you’re feeling content and relaxed, your sexual pleasure might return to what it was before you felt anxious or down.

4. Loosen Your Grip

If your lack of sensation is only a problem during sex, not masturbation, you may have “death grip syndrome.” 

Death grip syndrome happens when you’re a bit too vigorous during self pleasure, making it difficult to enjoy the more relaxed squeezing that happens during intercourse. 

For some, simply slowing down or using less pressure during masturbation is all that’s needed to make sex more enjoyable. 

Additionally, decreasing masturbation frequency may help you regain your original levels of pleasure. 

Sorry guys, there really can be too much of a good thing.

5. Make Your Penis Bigger

The majority of guys who struggle with “death grip syndrome” have another thing in common: small penises. 

When you have a thinner Johnson, you won’t experience the same level of sensation during intercourse as guys with thicker dicks. It’s simply because the vagina has a set size, and the bigger the penetrator (aka the penis), the greater the pressure and sensation.

But don’t fret, there is something that you can do—and it doesn’t involve expensive surgery or embarrassing gadgets. 

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