Most guys are well-aware of blue balls. “Blue balls” is a colloquial term for aching in the testicles after prolonged sexual arousal without release. 

But what exactly is blue balls, and why does it happen? 

We have the answers for you.

What Causes Blue Balls

When a guy becomes aroused, blood travels to the balls and penis, increasing the blood pressure there. This is why your penis becomes stiff and erect—sufficient blood pumps the penis up to prepare a guy for intercourse. 

What’s supposed to happen next is sex, self-pleasure, or another form of sensation, followed by an orgasm. After ejaculation, the blood flows out of the penis and balls and back into the body, decreasing the blood pressure. 

But when this order isn’t followed quickly, the testicles and penis will experience excess pressure for too long, causing a throbbing sensation that’s pretty similar to a bruise. Although, fortunately, not quite as long-lasting. 

When the erection lasts an extra-long time, a guy’s testicles can turn somewhat blue, hence the term “blue balls.” 
Medically, the pain that comes from prolonged arousal is known as epididymal hypertension (EH). While that fancy word makes blue balls sound dangerous, it isn’t. The pain typically fades very quickly, and an orgasm is the quick-fix.

How to Talk About Blue Balls

Blue balls are most common during prolonged foreplay with a sex partner, typically a newer one. It’s hard not to get a bit over-excited at the prospect of sex with someone new. Unfortunately, blue balls often follows when sex doesn’t happen in the end. 

But here’s an important tip: don’t use blue balls as an excuse to be pushy about sex. Women hate this. In fact, women can experience the same pain from prolonged arousal, so they’re not too likely to shower you with pity. 

You can, however, mention that it’s aching down there and ask if it’s okay if you finish. That’s the best way to ease the pain without pushing things too far, too fast. 
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