It’s no secret that different races tend to have different features. For instance, Asians tend to be smaller than while people…and that smaller stature encompasses more than just heigh—if you know what I mean.

This begs the question, do women in different countries prefer men with different penis sizes? Or is bigger always better?

We’ll answer this question by examining the ideal penis size in ten countries.

Ideal Penis Length in 10 Countries

June, K. et. al. (updated, 2022) “Penis Size Statistics – What is the average penis size (length and width) around the world?”. Accessed at 

Here’s the average broken down by country. 

  • Austria: 6.9”
  • Poland: 6.8”
  • Italy: 6.8”
  • United States: 6.7”
  • Germany: 6.5”
  • Spain: 6.5”
  • France: 5.9”
  • Netherlands: 5.9”
  • Portugal: 5.9”

What these results suggest is that the preferred size does vary by country, with smaller members looked upon more favorably in Portugal than the United States. 

The researchers also asked respondents what they thought the average penis length was. In every country, respondents believed the average penis length was shorter than the ideal length…not good news for the majority of us.

What If You Don’t Measure Up?

We’ve spent a lot of time reading through the scientific literature regarding the perfect penis. While the responses range from around 6” to the bigger, the better, no matter the precise answer, there’s one common thread: most women prefer a guy who’s thicker and longer than average. 

So, what can you do if your Johnson comes in a bit short? 

First, don’t underestimate the value of foreplay and sex toys. No matter your penis size, both of these things increase satisfaction and excitement. 

Next, don’t buy into the “you’re stuck with what you’re given” story. Scientists know that this simply isn’t true. Just like any other muscle in your body, you can change the size of your penis with the right workout plan. 

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