Stem cells…a feat of science shrouded in controversy. But what if I told you that these cells might be able to add a few inches—where you need them the most?

Let’s be honest. Most of us would do ANYTHING to get a bigger dick.

If you could be reasonably sure that a procedure would be safe and effective, I bet you’d sneak off and come out a new man. Even if it cost you a good chunk of your savings….or available credit…or whatever you needed to do to find the cash.

Enter: Stem Cell Penis Enhancement Surgery

StemProtect, a stem cell company operated across the pond, claims that they can give your penis a few pricks, and voila! Your “little guy” will become what you and your lovers have always wished it could be.

Does Stem Cell Penile Enhancement Work?

It’s not only women that get cosmetic surgery. Thousands of men go under the knife every year in the hopes of walking away bigger and more confident.

In this procedure, fat is collected using tummy liposuction. Next, stem cells are isolated using a machine. Once they’re ready, a surgeon will inject them into the penis.

Does it work? According to the New York surgeon Dr. Darren Smith, yes, it works…but it’s not new. Injecting the penis with fat to add up to three inches is one of the more common surgical options.

How Do Stem Cells Make Your Penis Bigger?

The short answer: they don’t.

Separating out stem cells during penile enhancement is novel, but there is no reason to believe that it would result in a longer or thicker penis.

Instead, stem cells might improve the health and appearance of your penis skin. While this isn’t a bad thing by any means, it doesn’t make the procedure itself safer or more effective.

Is It Safe?

Using fat injections to boost length is one of the safer surgical methods for making your cock bigger. It’s usually safer than other methods, like using cadaver skin to thicken the penis…but that doesn’t mean it’s without risk.

Surgery is the most dangerous male enhancement option out there. And yes, there are other options that work.

When you go under the knife, you’re risking the one thing that matters most…the functioning of your manhood. Even if all goes well, there will be weeks where you can’t masturbate…or do anything more fun.

Luckily for all of us, there are safer ways. Exercises and stretches, when done properly, can safely boost your length and your girth. What’s more, they won’t empty your bank account or take you out of the sex game for weeks at a time.

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