What is the definition of male enhancement?

Male enhancement is a general term that refers to any method used to enhance male sexual performance or give the penis more power to perform. Another part of male enhancement is to make a man more fertile. This can be done by increasing the amount or the quality of sperm. Male enhancement can also be used to describe products that help you sustain an erection or increase your libido.

One form of male enhancement is penis enhancement. This can be defined as making the penis longer and/or wider.

Are Viagra and male enhancement the same thing?

The thing that separates Viagra from male enhancement is that Viagra is a prescription drug. This drug directly affects your ability to get and maintain an erection, but nothing more. Male enhancement products are different. Take the product Semanex for example. It’s all natural and increases your sex drive. It also increases your sperm count and the quality of your erection. It actually promotes a healthy reproductive system without having the side effects that you have to worry about with Viagra.

What penis size is considered average?

There is a wide range of penis sizes across various types of men, but the average penis size is anywhere from five to seven inches long and four to five inches around. This is the average size when erect.

Does penis size really matter to women?

You have probably never heard a woman say that she actually likes a man to have a smaller penis.

A man is still a man if he has a small penis, but the female vagina was made to take a large penis. A woman’s vagina needs to be expanded, at least slightly, in order for the proper friction to be achieved. If the walls of the vagina are not clamped around the penis; the woman can’t feel the optimal pleasure she would be feeling from a larger penis. That friction added to deep penetration will touch a woman’s g-spot and cause her to have an orgasm. This is why it’s difficult for most men with small penises to give women an orgasm using penile penetration.

Ask a woman who you are comfortable with what size penis size she prefers. If she’s being honest; she will say about seven or eight inches. They usually like them to have some girth as well.

Many men through the ages have defined themselves by their penis size and their sexual prowess. Penis size is a clear sign of fertility and masculinity. Men feel the need to have a large penis whether they are in the bedroom with the girls or stepping up to a public urinal. This doesn’t mean that a man with a small penis is a total loser. Although; if your penis size is affecting your self-esteem, then size definitely matters to you.

How can I enlarge my penis?

There are a few routes you can go to increase your penis size. One of the best, if not the best, penile enlargement method on the market is Phalogenics. It’s natural and medically proven to promote penis growth in both length and girth. It’s kind of a penis exercise system. What are the logistics of penis enlargement?

Systems like Phalogenics are exercise systems that extend the penis by using traction to increase blood pressure. This takes a little time and you need to follow the instructions carefully in regards to rest, but it works and it’s a natural solution. The cells in the penile tissues are stimulated to the point that new tissue is formed. This is what increases the size of the penis naturally.

When pills are used for penis enlargement; they increase blood pressure in the penis with natural ingredients. The proper elements are chosen that have been proven to promote penis growth.

Is it safe to use male enhancement?

All natural male enhancement systems like Phalogenics are a much better alternatives to prescription drugs like Viagra and much less dangerous. It is natural and contains no drugs to contaminate the body with no side effects like Viagra. Just make sure that the male enhancement method you are using is quality. Follow the instructions closely and don’t take chances with deviations. It’s always best to go with one that has been approved by physicians and proven to work.

How much bigger will I get?

The results vary from person to person and success depends on how good the product is and how often you use it. For the most part, a good penis enlargement system should extend the penis by at least two or four inches. They should also make the penis about two inches wider.

How long do I have to wait?

A good product used properly will start showing results in as little as a few weeks. The most noticeable changes will start to occur around three or six months.

How old do I have to be?

No matter how old you get; your penis will stay the same size. The penis reaches its maximum size after puberty. As long as you are out of puberty; you should be able to get results from penis enhancement.

Once my penis is bigger; will it stay that way?

Penis size has been known to decrease by a half inch after you finish a penis enlargement program. This is a small price to pay considering the amount that you gain.

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