Your skin wrinkles, your joints ache, your muscles fade away, and your hair starts to grey (if you’re lucky, and you have any of it left, that is). But what if I were to tell you that your penis, too, might shrink as you get older?

No, it’s not your flaccid hang that’s going to suffer. It’s something far more important: your erection potential.

How hard you get is one of the most important parts of male sexual function. Even if you have a large dick, it’s not going to matter if you can’t get it fully erect. What is she going to do with a limp noodle in the bedroom?

So, why does this happen? And what can you do to stop it?

Why Your Erections Lose Length and Firmness as You Age

When you were a young man, you probably never imagined having trouble getting a rock-hard erection. You were more likely to have the opposite problem…getting a stiffy at a not-so-appropriate time.

Fast forward a few decades, and instead of trying to get it down, you’re trying to get it up. Fully up. Rock-hard, ready, and lasting.

Unfortunately, this is a common part of growing older. Your tumescence, or level of erectile firmness, is likely to decrease as you age.

But fret not. Scientists are hard at work figuring out why this happens, and what we can do to keep our performance firm in the bedroom for years to come.

Why Your Erections Lose Length and Firmness as You Age & What You Can Do About It

Low testosterone and chronic disease can both make your hard penis shorter. Decreased erectile strength occurs for many with heart disease, diabetes, and thyroid issues. What’s more, smoking can decrease testosterone levels, leading to a smaller erection.

The key here is this: do what you can to stay healthy. While genetics plays a role in your likelihood of coming down with chronic diseases, your lifestyle can have an even larger impact.

An unhealthy diet, high stress, little exercise, and smoking can all contribute to underlying causes of erectile dysfunction. When you don’t take care of yourself, your sexual performance can suffer.

So exercise more, eat a healthy diet, and stop smoking if you want to keep your penis erection firm for years to come.

But What if I Want an Even Larger Penis?

Leading a healthy lifestyle is a great protector for your current penis size and function…but it’s not going to make it bigger. And let’s be honest, most of us could use a few extra inches to get the ear-piercing response in the bedroom that we’re looking for.
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