how women really feel about penis size

We hear it all the time in the media – “Size matters. The bigger, the better.” But is this really true when it comes to performance in the bedroom? Read on to learn what women have to say when it comes to penis size.

What does really good sex mean to you? Do you have a go-to position you can’t get enough of or a thing you like a lady to do that drives you crazy?

It’s no secret men and women experience sexual pleasure in different ways. But, once the lights go off and things get going, some men are more concerned about their penis size than the actual experience.

There are the ones who are self-conscious about a penis that’s smaller than average, then there are those who rely on having a big one. If you can relate to the small guys, don’t worry! Women are actually interested in more than your size.

Don’t believe this? Here’s a closer look at whether or not penis size really matters.

The Truth About Penis Size

Good news – the answer to the big question of “does penis size matter or not” is that it doesn’t. Well, not entirely. It carries a bit of weight, but size doesn’t make or break the sexual experience for a woman.

What really matters is explained below.

Women Want More – But Not of What You Think

Guys have a tendency to think about sex in terms of one thing: the climax. If that’s all it’s about for you, you’re doing it all wrong. Women want more.

A lady wants to be pleasured with things other than your penis. She wants to be kissed and caressed, held and appreciated. You should be playing to her emotional side as well as her physical needs when in bed.

Not to mention, physical performance doesn’t depend on penis size alone. You need to know how to use your little guy to really make a woman’s body go WOW. Also, there are many women who will climax from more than one form of pleasure.

Size Doesn’t Equal Pleasure

Speaking of knowing how to use your penis, consider the other end of the scale for a second. Guys who feel like they have a less-than-normal size penis often feel like they can’t please a woman as well as a bigger guy can.

This isn’t necessarily true. In fact, a big penis can be a turn-off!

Yes, you read that right, and here are two huge reasons why:

  1. Guys with a big penis think that’s all they need to excel in bed
  2. There is such a thing as a penis that’s too big

The only thing worse than focusing on just your climax in bed (and not your partner’s) is to think your penis is the only thing you need. No, no, no – remember, women want more!

Plus, when a penis is too big, it can be painful or even a little intimidating.

Porn Is Not Proportional

Another thing to think about is porn. This is probably the source of your outrageous thoughts about penis size. Many men tell themselves their size is a bad thing because they can’t compare to the guys in porn.

The thing is, though, no one can! Think about it this way: how many women have you been with that have the kind of curves a porn star does? In the same way, those big features are few and far between for ladies, they’re not the norm for men, either.

Besides, you don’t want to be the guy with a big penis who doesn’t know how to use it, anyway. Better to be the man with a normal size penis or even a little less than average who knows what he’s doing.

How to Have More Confidence with a Small Penis

It’s one thing to understand there’s no such thing as an ideal penis size and another to work up the amount of confidence you have in what your little guy can do. To help you out, here are a few things to focus on the next time you get intimate.

Aim to Please

There are few things women love more than a selfless lover. A man who pleases his woman first – and pleases her well – is always better than the one who is getting intimate for his pleasure alone.

Try focusing on your lady a little more. Take your time getting to the good stuff and once you’re in the heat of it all, make it as enjoyable as possible. Put her in new positions, develop a few new moves, and get her going more than once if you can.

When in doubt, communicate. There’s no shame in asking your partner whether or not something feels good or what they’d like you to do next.

Work What You’ve Got

While there are many ways to please a woman that don’t directly involve your size, at some point, you’re going to have to go from foreplay to the real thing. Then, it’s just a matter of knowing what to do.

Think about how you can use what you’ve got to the best benefit for the both of you. In other words, some positions will feel more effective than others. Use those!

Don’t Psych Yourself Out

At the end of the day, the worst thing you can do in bed is psych yourself out. The more mental energy you spend worrying about your size, the less you’re able to be in the moment with your woman.

Relax. Focus on the other ways you can please her and watch how this works out in your favor. Nothing appeals to women more than a man who understands the way they work. Before you know it, your sexual performance will go from mediocre and slightly stressful to totally amazing.

The Possibilities Available via Male Enhancement

Still not sure your penis size is enough? Already tried other things to compensate?

It might be time to look into male enhancement. Although most women don’t mind a “small” penis if it belongs to a good lover, male enhancement could make you feel better. This creates more confidence in your sexual performance, which leads to better sex overall.

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