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Small Penis? No Problem! 7 Positions to Help Give Your Partner Her Best Orgasm

best orgasm

Small Penis? No Problem! 7 Positions to Help Give Your Partner Her Best Orgasm

7 Positions to Help Give Your Partner Her Best Orgasm

The G spot is only 2.5-3 inches into the vagina. By knowing your sex positions you can give her the best orgasm.

The average American man's penis is 5.16 inches. Being on the small side of average doesn't have to hinder your sex life.

By busting out a position that works for your size you'll impress her with your creativity and take the focus off your size. She doesn't need to know why you picked a position below.

The conversation to tell your partner you have a small penis can be an awkward one. Put a positive spin on the talk by telling her she's about to have the best orgasm of her life.

Here are 7 positions that use your size to your advantage, proving huge isn't always better.

Doggy style.

We're starting with the position that is most mainstream and everyone knows. Being that it is the most socially acceptable we suggest starting with this position before moving on to a more adventurous one.

This position doesn't require any special effort or creativity. Doggy style offers deep penetration.

Start with the classic version by her facing away from you on her knees. You will have total control by entering her from behind.

Add variety to the position by having her lower her shoulders and arching her back. This will shorten the vaginal canal making penetration feel deeper.

With your lady in this position, you can control the angle and aim for direct G spot stimulation.

For an even tighter feel have her put her legs together in between your legs. She then lowers her upper body so her chest is on the bed, raising her ass into the air.

You lady will feel even tighter around you. This version of doggy puts you at the perfect angle for direct G spot stimulation guaranteeing the best orgasm she's ever had.

If she has strong pelvic floor muscles she can grip you in this position when you enter her. This will create a super tight and full feeling for both of you.

Reverse cowgirl.

Lay on your back on the bed and have your lady straddle you on top facing away from you.

She then lowers herself down onto you and starts grinding. The beauty here is she is grinding instead of bouncing up and down.

There is less of a chance of you slipping out like this. It also provides clitoral stimulation for her.

By turning around the angle of the vagina now matches the direction of your penis. This also assists in preventing you from slipping out.

You also get a great view of your partner in action.

To feel even deeper penetration, once she is grinding have her lean forward and reach towards your ankles. Then stretch her legs out behind her towards your shoulders.

Spooning, legs up!

Don't overlook this position just because it is spooning. This is a great position to transition from spooning to penetration.

Start off spooning your lady. Then move her legs up and forward as if almost in a fetal position.

This narrows the vaginal canal, making you feel tighter in her and prevent slipping out.

This is more of an intimate position for you and your partner.

The butterfly.

This position is a bit more adventurous and requires a bit more work from you. But try it and you'll find it's worth it.

Start by standing while your partner lays on her back on a table or mattress that just lower than your pelvis.

Slide your hands under your bum lifting and tilting until she is high enough for you to penetrate her.

The tilted angle makes it perfect for G spot stimulation.

Have her squeeze her thighs together as your thrusting and it will feel even tighter.


Legs on shoulders.

Start in the missionary position, then put her legs on your shoulders. You can thrust deeper this way.

Many women love this position already. You have full control to go as deep as you can.

This position doesn't line you up as well with the G spot.

You do have access to her clit. You can grind your pelvis against it. You can also rub it in a circular motion with your thumb while penetrating her.

If you're into feet this is a great position to have access to her toes. Feel her out first on this though.

Many women do not want someone to suddenly suck on their toes if they are not expecting it.

Splitting bamboo.

This position is perfect for getting your pelvis as close as possible to her pelvis.

The closer your pelvises are, the deeper you can go into her vagina.

In this position have your lady lay on her back with one leg straight out on the bed. Her other leg bent up.

Straddle her thigh and lift her bent leg up over your shoulder. This means when you penetrate her there is a feeling of extra pressure.

You can deeply thrust using all of your length like this.

The higher and more straight up you can hold her leg the deeper you will feel yourself go and closer to give her the best orgasm.

Another great attribute of this position is your hands are free and she is pinned down in front of you. You have a great view and full access to explore her clit and breasts while you thrust.


The Deckchair

If your lady is the take control type try this position. It's all about penetrating deep.

Start with you leaning back supporting yourself with your hands. your legs outstretched in front of you.

If supporting yourself sounds uncomfortable you can lean back on some pillows. You'll have less mobility though.

Have your lady sit between your legs and lean back on her hands facing you. Her legs should stretch out in front of her on either side of you.

Your partner is in total control of the depth and speed of penetration as she lowers herself onto you.

You will be able to rock your hips with her but will have to submit to her being in control.

While you are fully inside her, she can tilt her hips or lean back to find the right spot for maximum pleasure giving her the best orgasm.

This position allows for deep penetration and puts you both at the right angle to reach her G spot.

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